Is Calvin Klein a Good Brand | Calvin Klein Brand Review

When most people think of Calvin Klein, they think of their underwear which has become widely popular over the years with excellent marketing.

You can probably recall the world going crazy over Justin Bieber’s photoshoot in Calvin Klein’s underwear back in 2015 (I can’t believe it was that long ago!).

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know and find out if Calvin Klein is a good brand worth buying.

Calvin Klein logo
Calvin Klein Logo

Is Calvin Klein a Quality Brand?

It’s a question many people ask themselves before purchasing a product from Calvin Klein. If you’d ask a random person their thoughts on it, they’d more than likely say you are paying a premium for the brand name – which isn’t exactly wrong.

Many of these brands spend lots of money on marketing their products to appear more premium, and it works. Other brands, such as Hollister, actively work on this too.

That’s not to say Calvin Klein is not a quality brand, though. If you’ve ever owned a piece of their clothing, they feel high quality and last a long time.

I own a pair of their boxer shorts and can vouch for their excellent comfort and longevity. Although I own some boxer shorts from Jack and Jones, the quality is roughly the same despite Jack and Jones being much cheaper.

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Cotton Classics

Spun in premium cotton yarns for supreme breathability, Calvin Klein’s bestselling men’s underwear wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry.

The same goes for their jeans – they’re high quality, easy to move in, and will last a long time as long as you look after them. That being said, some of them can go for over $100, which is a lot, and I feel there are better brands that are similarly priced out there.

Calvin Klein Women's Fitted Pants

Sleek and stylish, these Calvin Klein Women's Everyday Ponte Fitted Pants are perfect for the office or a night out. Made from a soft and stretchy ponte fabric, these pants provide a comfortable, flattering fit.

So is Calvin Klein a quality brand? I would say so, yes. While you pay a premium for the brand, the quality is excellent, and the pieces will last you long.

Is Calvin Klein Ethical and Cruelty-Free?

While Calvin Klein has some agreements in place up to specific stages within their production chain, they still use animals for some of their products.

They use leather, wool, and other exotic animal furs – which is an awful shame when there are so many alternatives.

Some have quoted that Calvin Klein also tests the likes of their perfumes on animals too. If not by themselves, through other stages of their production process, or through a third party.

Is Calvin Klein a Good Brand For Handbags

Calvin Klein handbags typically start from around $50 and go up to around $200 on the higher end. Over the years, they have followed trends and have always offered something unique or different which each drop. They have a selection of genuine and fake leather options.

The handbags are well made, comfortable, and don’t break the bank too much, all things considered. At the end of the day, you get a high-quality, fashionable handbag that is a brand that everyone knows of.

Calvin Klein Elaine Bubble Satchel

Stylish satchel from Calvin Klein, made of vegan leather in a caramel color. Features 1 exterior slip pocket, 2 interior slip pockets, 1 interior zip pocket, & 1 Interior zip pouch, adjustable crossbody strap & top zip closure for all your essentials. Perfect for everyday use.

Calvin Klein handbags are an excellent option for those who want a premium brand but don’t want to pay the mad fees from the likes of Gucci.

Is Calvin Klein a Sustainable Brand? 

The fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries to our planet and contributes massively to global warming. Mainly due to the use of plastics, transportation, and production.

However, in recent years, there has been a push from most brands to practice greener, more sustainable methods – including Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein has released a statement saying:

“We are innovating new lower-impact techniques to produce our collections and rewriting our rules by moving toward entirely sustainable materials. We’re ending single-use plastic in all our packaging and eliminating unnecessary waste to reduce our footprint by 2030.”

This is a good start, but I feel this could be fast-tracked somewhat as many other brands strive to do this much quicker or have already completed these goals.

On their site, some of their products use organic cotton. But it’s a shame that this is only on certain products. It would be great if they used this on everything where possible.

They do offer Sustainably recycled yarns from their Sustainable Steel range, but I think they can do more work.

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Sustainable Steel

Eco-friendly and stylish, these Calvin Klein men's sustainable steel underwear are made from recycled yarns for a premium, ultra-luxe feel. The metallic Calvin Klein logo waistband provides excellent shape retention, while the supportive pouch with contoured seams ensures a sleek and comfortable fit.

When researching this information, I found their sustainability page on the Calvin Klein website. For some reason, it would automatically redirect me to the home page when I clicked on that link. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I feel it is worth noting.

Is Calvin Klein Expensive?

This really does depend on everyone’s personal financial situation. However, Calvin Klein is generally considered a mid-range brand.

Of course, it’s more expensive than the clothes you would buy in Walmart or Target and is a step up from Jack and Jones, but it wouldn’t be as expensive as Gucci or Chanel.

To buy from Calvin Klein directly, you will pay a premium usually. Especially when there are new releases or if a new season is starting. In saying that, you can pick up some good deals on the sales sections between seasons. Here you can often find discounted items from the previous season.

You can typically get Calvin Klein products cheaper on the likes of Amazon and other large retailers. It’s also worth looking at the likes of Goodwill and Salvation army. You’d be surprised at the sheer amount of excellent brands you can find there for a bargain.

I would say Calvin Klein is somewhat expensive compared to lesser known brands. But as mentioned above, with the likes of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, you pay a premium for the name.

Where Are Calvin Klein Products Manufactured? 

As Calvin Klein is such a large organization that produces various products, its manufacturing plants are all around the globe.

For perfumes, they are mainly made in France, USA, and Spain. As you can see, these countries are right at the top of the biggest producers of perfumes for all brands around the world – so it’s no surprise that they are made here for Calvin Klein.

Source –

Their clothes and underwear are mainly made in China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Tunisia, and Kenya. Again, this is no surprise as these countries are some of the biggest exporters of clothing.

Surprisingly, their watches are made in Switzerland, which is known for producing the highest quality of watches worldwide.

I would have expected these to be made somewhere in Asia where many cheap watches are made and sold at much higher prices elsewhere. So kudos to CK for this! Some of the watches on Shein look strangely similar to the ones with a big brand name attached to them!

Does Calvin Klein Have Good Customer Service?

I always find it hard to review customer service for these brands. The reason is that people only really talk about their experience if it’s terrible. Most people who post reviews about brands online would be posting negative ones unless they had an incredibly great experience.

According to Trustpilot, they received a 1.8/5 rating. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Calvin Klein has awful customer service – but it’s certainly not great.

Many have stated that they ordered products online, only to receive an email saying it’s out of stock despite taking payment from them. This is quite poor from Calvin Klein.

Others have mentioned that they can’t get through on mobile or get a response via email. This seems to be a common trend for many of these bigger brands and something I wish the Government or someone would clamp down on.

While their customer service doesn’t seem great, I wouldn’t let this deter you from buying from them. Most of these brands on Trustpilot have reviews similar to this, as people only post the bad experiences, rarely the good.


Overall, I can recommend Calvin Klein as a brand. They have a lot of stuff to improve on, mainly with their sustainability efforts and ultimately eradicating animal testing from all their production chains. Their customer service could also do with a revamp as many have shared their dissatisfaction online.

However, their products are high quality, fashionable, and for a premium brand, I would say they are reasonably priced too.