Is Champion A Good Brand? | Champion Brand Review

Growing up in the 90s, I often saw a lot of cool kids wearing hoodies with the iconic Champion logo.

It kind of died off for a while, which I will get into down below, but it’s become a popular brand again and is certainly worth your consideration.

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know and determine if Champion is a good brand worth buying.

Champion is a wonderful brand to choose from if you are looking for sportswear or streetwear. Their long track record shows their products are worth your money and are also reasonably priced. Aside from quality and affordability, Champion is also very trendy these days.

Is Champion A Quality Brand?

There’s a reason Champion has been in the market for over a hundred years now.

The brand is known for its reverse weave technology.

This makes their hoodies resist vertical shrinkage, so the fit stays the same no matter how often you’ve used and washed it.

Not surprisingly, their reverse weave hoodies are the most popular Champion product.

While they are priced higher than other brands’ hoodies, it is definitely worth it since it stands the test of time. 

Champion hoodies, sweaters, shirts, and pants are made with thick, quality material, so I don’t really have the need to replace them even after a couple of years.

Champion Pullover, Powerblend Fleece Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Powerblend hoodies transition effortlessly

from workout to weekend. The exceptionally soft blend

is made for the daily with a stay-true fit and powerhouse

comfort that never quits.

This is something that I rarely experience with other brands.

I also find myself reaching for my Champion lightweight fleece pants.

They provide ultimate comfort and coziness while also being acceptable enough to be worn even when I’m going out with friends. 

Champion certainly is a quality brand.

Is Champion A Luxury Brand?

Champion is not considered a luxury brand.

Mainly because it is very accessible, both in terms of availability and price.

While it is not a luxury brand, Champion has established a cult following.

Many people say that Champion made “retro” cool because wearing the brand evokes a sense of nostalgia for the past. 

In pop culture, Champion is very popular these days. Many celebrities have been seen sporting their Champion hoodies.

Retro Sweatshirt
Champion Crewneck

Our Champion Men's Crewneck Sweatshirt is made of a heavyweight cotton/polyester blend that offers a standard fit for a classic look.

But even before, the brand was recognized by many subcultures, especially among young people.

Champion was also the sponsor of uniforms for the NBA and NFL at one point, making its name widely recognizable.

This is to say that though Champion is not considered a luxury brand, its reputation and value has accumulated over time. 

Why Is Champion Clothing Popular Again?

After a very successful run in the 90s and the early 2000s in terms of popularity, Champion had a lull in the succeeding years.

However, in the mid-2010s, more and more people rediscovered the brand. 

According to Manny Martinez, the brand’s global ambassador at the height of its resurgence, much of it is owed to Champion’s capsule collections with various collaborators.

The collaborations helped put the brand on the map again and showcased their versatility.

Champion collaborated with various brands like Supreme, Vetements, Monkey Time, and Wood Wood, among others.

This introduced the brand to fans of their collaborators and widened the demographic they could reach.

Retro Look
Champion Men's Colorblock Manorak 2.0

Lightweight, ripstop nylon Manorak Jacket featuring color blocking and oversized logos. This versatile jacket has a half zip front for easy layering. Packs into its own front pocket, so it's the perfect lightweight layer to take you from city street to the stands.

This was also the time when the trend was all about wearing retro pieces.

Many celebrities have then been seen wearing their pieces, boosting their name to the younger generations. 

These days, Champion still has collaborations but does not rely on them to keep the brand buzzing.

They can stand strong with their name alone.

Thus, Champion’s comeback is considered one of the most impressive among all clothing labels in recent history. 

Is Champion Fast Fashion?

Unfortunately, Champion can still be considered fast fashion.

While not as fast as the more recognizable fast fashion brands, their production is still in excess.

There is also no evidence that the brand uses eco-friendly materials and processes in its supply chain.

However, if Champion is your sportswear of choice, you can do your part by ensuring you use your pieces for a long time.

For products made to last, Champion clothes can be used for years without major issues with their quality.

Where Are Champion Products Manufactured?

Champion pieces are manufactured in Mexico mainly.

On its website, the brand claims that they treat its employees with dignity and respect.

They also say that they provide safe and healthy workplaces for employees.

Perhaps most importantly, Champion promises that they do not use forced or child labor in their business. 

However, there are no definitive studies or investigations to see if Champion makes good on these commitments regarding employee welfare.

Is Champion A Sustainable Brand?

Since the brand is technically defined as fast fashion, it would be difficult to imagine that they are a very sustainable brand.

According to the website Good On You, which measures how ethical brands are, Champion ranks very low on sustainability.

On their website, Champion has listed many goals or commitments toward being more sustainable.

Sustainable Clothing
Champion Eco Pullover Hood

Made with recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles

However, just like employee welfare, there is no evidence that they are doing enough to act on these goals.

Hopefully, we get to see some more updates from the brand on any progress they’ve made on their sustainability and ethical goals.

What Type of Budget Does Champion Suit?

As mentioned previously, Champion products are priced reasonably.

They are not as cheap as more generic brands for hoodies and shirts, but they are also not as expensive as brands like Nike or Adidas.

Typically, you can get Champion reverse weave hoodies from around $50 to $80.

Their jackets are priced from $30 to $150.

As with most products, the higher the price, then the better the quality you can expect. 

Champion also holds sales during holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sometimes, you can also catch special sales on their websites, so just be sure to check their online store or social media to be updated on any special offers.

Is Champion A Good Brand For Shoes?

While Champion is a preferred brand for sportswear, its shoes aren’t as popular as its other products.

Many users would rather spend money on brands like Puma or Reebok

One reason is that Champion shoes are marketed more as an affordable option, not necessarily as a must-have.

Some designs look great, but others don’t really look very enticing to potential buyers. 

Champion Arena Power Hi White 7.5 M

Give away a dapper vibe wearing the Champion Arena Power Hi Shoes.

Synthetic upper with padded collar and tongue.

Another reason is they don’t provide as much support when used for sports.

They are great for walking and lounging, but not really for strenuous physical activities.

Finally, and perhaps the most important reason, Champion shoes do not last as long as their other products.

Some customers have complained that they broke down or fell apart after only a couple of months. 

I previously owned a pair of Champion shoes.

While it was very comfortable and affordable, the design left much to be desired.

Is Champion Online Only?

Since Champion started out over a century ago, they became well-known first as having physical stores.

There are several Champion outlets worldwide, and they are also present in many department stores.

That said, Champion also has an official website where you can purchase and are also listed in many authorized online retailers or websites of their partners, such as Walmart, Target, and Foot Locker.

Does Champion Have Good Customer Service?

Reviews for Champion’s customer service are mixed.

On Trustpilot, some rated it five stars, while others gave it two or one-star reviews. 

For those with a great experience, customers were assisted with their concerns via phone or email.

For those who didn’t, most of the complaints were incorrect orders, delayed shipment of their orders, or unclear help from the representatives.

Regarding the unclear help from representatives, hopefully Champion can solve this by ensuring all their customer service staff understand all the processes and procedures to assist customers. 


Overall, Champion is still a great brand with a proven reputation for creating quality and affordable sportswear.

It is definitely one of the clothing labels that really deserves the hype it’s been getting in the recent past. 

Even with all the different brands popping out, I still shop for Champion pieces because I know they will last a long time, and their fit will not shrink or wear out after only a few months.

They also look stylish and timeless, so I can definitely keep them for a long time.

However, Champion can improve on becoming clearer about its sustainability and employee welfare initiatives.

But as is, this brand is something I can proudly recommend to anyone.