Is Kenneth Cole A Good Brand? | Brand Review

Kenneth Cole is a household name in the fashion industry, and for a good reason. The label consistently produces timeless and stylish garments. Clothing from this label can be purchased at either upscale department stores like Macy’s or more wallet-friendly discount stores.

They are a top contender for fashion items that are both high quality and easy on the eyes. Here, we’ll examine Kenneth Cole in depth to see if they’re a quality brand worthy of your hard-earned money and whether or not you should make your next purchase from them.

kenneth cole logo
Kenneth Cole Logo

Is Kenneth Cole a Quality Brand?

Even today, men’s and women’s clothing and accessories designed by Kenneth Cole continue to be influential in the fashion industry and compete with brands like Jack and Jones. The brand has been around for over three decades, making it one of the most illustrious names in the women’s clothing business. 

The company’s reputation has grown over the years due to its consistent delivery of high-quality goods to its customer base. Even though the brand places a premium on ease of use and convenience, it does not sacrifice aesthetics or quality in any way.

Kenneth Cole is light years ahead of the competition regarding the production techniques and components utilized in the manufacturing process. Cole is continuously working to improve upon its already legendary products.

 By continuously expanding its product offerings with the passage of each season, the company ensures that its clients never find themselves without something to choose from. Kenneth Cole has earned a reputation for being a reliable source of fashionable goods at reasonable prices.

Despite the many obstacles it has encountered over its existence, the company has maintained a commitment to the original mission that guided its founding. Despite shifts in both popular culture and consumer preferences, its image and message have remained unchanged over the years. Recognition of the brand’s wear and its quality has been consistently established over time, making it simple to recall.

Is Kenneth Cole a Good Brand For Suits

Because of their adaptability, playful design, and affordable price, the Kenneth Cole Suits are an excellent choice for men working with a more limited budget. You do not need to spend a fortune to achieve the streamlined and tailored appearance.

If you are a young professional on a limited budget, you can find something to wear in the Reaction Suits collection, and it will look good enough to impress all but the most snobbish suit fashionistas (and let’s be honest, if you are shopping at a factory store, you probably aren’t spending time with those people anyway; at least I’m not).

In my opinion, a Kenneth Cole suit is an excellent option for those who are looking to purchase their first business suit due to the suit’s stylish appearance, comfortable fit, and the professional air that it exudes. One of the reasons for this is that Kenneth Cole’s suits are made in the United States.

Kenneth Cole Shoes
Kenneth Cole Shoes

Is Kenneth Cole a Good Brand for Shoes?

The Kenneth Cole label consistently delivers on-trend footwear in cutting-edge styles. They like to keep their prices between $35 and $250, which makes them accessible to all.

Kenneth Cole’s shoes are decent quality if you take into account their price. The quality is adequate but not particularly remarkable. The leather used in Kenneth Cole’s footwear is of lower quality and more prone to flaws. 

However, when it comes to fashion, Kenneth Cole is the go-to designer because his pieces are always cutting-edge and incredibly stylish while also being highly functional. Both formal and casual footwear and apparel are available from the label.

So considering the price range, I believe the shoes are quite decent and good to use.

Kenneth Cole vs. Fossil

Those familiar with Fossil will know that their primary focus is on creating fashionable timepieces. In this respect, they have unquestionably been successful. Fossils are an integral part of the creative process. They’ve consistently teamed up with a slew of well-known fashion calendar makers. 

Their quality is adequate, but it pales in comparison to that of industry giants like Rado, Omega, and Rolex. When it comes to affordable fashion watches, Fossil is widely regarded as a top brand. An opening had appeared in the clock and watch market prior to 1984 when the brand was first released. Customers were forced to choose between cheap and ugly watches and flashy and expensive ones. 

The truth was that there was no compromise possible. One of the primary reasons Kenneth Cole watches are so inexpensive is that they are manufactured in China. Despite the fact that there is no quality movement in these watches and the company doesn’t even make its own movements, many customers have noted that they are surprisingly long-lasting.

Although both Fossil and Kenneth Cole focus heavily on design, Fossil watches are more accessible financially and enjoy wider consumer acceptance.

What Type of Budget does Kenneth Cole Suit?

Because most Kenneth Cole items are priced reasonably, it is not considered a true luxury brand. The company, however, has six sub-brands that sell everything from luxury to budget clothing and accessories. For example, while Kenneth Cole Reaction and Unlisted aren’t exactly high-end, the Kenneth Cole Collection is. The goods sold by the second option are more reasonably priced and easily accessible.

Kenneth Cole, in contrast to many other luxury brands, offers its high-end products at reasonable prices. The company’s mission is to make its high-quality footwear, clothing, and accessories accessible to the widest possible audience at reasonable prices.

Products are of comparable quality to those that cost significantly more, despite their “cheap” price. Furthermore, just because a designer item is extremely expensive does not mean that it will last forever or satisfy you well.

The Kenneth Cole Nyc Collection is the second most expensive offering from the company, coming in at just under $1,000. Men’s and women’s apparel and accessories (like perfume and watches) are available in the line, with prices ranging from $95 to $800. The Tribeca collection by Kenneth Cole is the brand’s most budget-friendly, with values starting from $50 to $70.

Kenneth Cole Sustainable Sneakers
Kenneth Cole Sustainable Sneakers

Is Kenneth Cole a Sustainable Brand?

Both Kenneth Cole and the fashion house he began are well-known for using their platforms to spark discussions about issues like diversity and inclusion. Additionally, the designer’s mission has been bolstered by the epidemic in recent years, during which he has advocated vigorously for racial justice and mental health education.

The outspoken businessman and his team have finally decided to join the sustainable fashion action in an effort to lessen their negative effects on the environment. To achieve this goal, the company is updating its Gentle Souls comfort product line.

While at the same time, since 2007, the company has not used fur in any of its products, including apparel, footwear, or accessories. Kenneth Cole’s Global Sourcing and Operating Guidelines apply to all licensed products made with the company’s name or logo.

Hence, it’s safe to conclude Kenneth Cole is a sustainable brand that not only works for the betterment of the company but the society at large.

Where are Kenneth Cole Products Manufactured?

New York is the home of Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc., an American fashion house. However, It’s interesting to note that Haggar Canada, a company based in Toronto, is responsible for the production of all of the clothing and footwear in the Kenneth Cole Reaction collection.

Whereas, Geneva Watch Group, which is located in New York and is operated by TWB Investments, is responsible for the design and production of Kenneth Cole timepieces.

Does Kenneth Cole Have Good Customer Service?

As seen from different e-commerce websites like site jabber Kenneth Cole as an online retail platform, doesn’t have very exceptional services. And most customers leave a satisfactory review. Whereas customers visiting the stores and having a physical interaction with employees have a different and better opinion about the business’s customer service.


The innovative American fashion house Kenneth Cole is well-known for the high quality and careful consideration it puts into its designs. The company has been able to successfully connect with customers on an emotional level, which has resulted in a flourishing brand image in the market.

Because the identity of the brand is one that consumers can identify with, it has the edge over competitors offering similar or cheaper products in the same price range, like Nine West or Lands’ End. Kenneth Cole has a diverse clientele, ranging from young adults to older people in their retirement years.