Is Lacoste a Good Brand? | Lacoste Brand Review

The Lacoste label is instantly recognizable thanks to its well-known crocodile logo, which is featured on all of the company’s products. You’ve probably seen a lot of tennis players and golfers wearing the famous Lacoste logo. This is because the company’s founder, René Lacoste, was a tennis player, and his wife was a successful golfer. Lacoste is closely linked with these sports because of this.

When you search for Lacoste, you know exactly what you’ll get. Rarely do they add anything “surprising” to their collections, and when they do, it’s often impossible to get your hands on a copy.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not Lacoste is a good brand.

This brand’s popularity has remained stable over the past few years, especially among professional men.  Lacoste is a fashion house best known for its watches, polo shirts, other accessories, and footwear. Easygoing cuts, luxurious materials, and a sporty vibe are all hallmarks of this label. Even though Lacoste is a widely recognized brand, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

lacoste logo
lacoste logo

Is Lacoste a Quality Brand?

Many factors must be considered to evaluate the Lacoste brand.


Although Lacoste offers a wide variety of products, we only looked at some of its best-selling clothes to get a feel for the brand’s high-end reputation. Prices for women’s Lacoste polos range from $90 to $189, which reflects the high quality of the brand’s signature product.

There is a wide range in price for sweaters and sweatshirts, from $98 to $295. Furthermore, Lacoste frequently partners with other brands, resulting in higher-priced products.

Most of Lacoste’s shoe offerings are sneakers, with prices ranging from $80 to $190; this is a reasonable price for a high-quality sneaker.


When you purchase a Lacoste item, you can rest assured that it has been expertly crafted and will hold up well over time. To maintain the high standards Lacoste set, most of its products are manufactured in France.

Some Lacoste products, like their t-shirts, are manufactured in Sri Lanka, while the company sources most of its raw materials from Peru and El Salvador. Customers have said that Lacoste items are durable, wash well, and withstand the elongation and stretching of wearing them while playing sports.


Lacoste’s durable, washable, and stretchy sportswear is made from various materials, but the brand’s signature blend is wool and cotton (with a little rayon, polyester, and polyamide thrown in for good measure).

These fabrics are fairly standard for a luxury label, but you won’t find any usual suspects like silks, linens, or satins. Lacoste uses a combination of Nubuck and leather along with textiles to create long-lasting footwear that is both comfortable and fashionable.

Considering all these factors, Lacoste is a high-quality brand that is greatly popular among customers. And still, one to watch for.

Is Lacoste a Luxury Brand

Before anything else, Lacoste is a prestigious label that has been around for quite some time. Producing high-quality apparel, footwear, and leather goods, this company is a go-to for many professional athletes. In contrast, the variety of Lacoste products and their relatively low prices may lead one to conclude that the company is not a luxury label.

However, their quality is certainly close to if not on par with other luxury brands such as Gucci. Despite not having that ‘luxury’ label attached to it.

Is Lacoste a Good Brand for Shoes?

Lacoste is best known for their high-caliber athletic wear, but they also make a stunning collection of footwear, including these Carnaby Evo models. These timeless white sneakers are a must-have for any closet because they are versatile and look great alongside everything from party dresses to denim jeans for a cool, off-duty look.

Lacoste Shoes
Lacoste Shoes

The upper of these sneakers are crafted from supple Napa leather of the highest quality, and the rubber outsole ensures that they will last for a long time. Adding a green Lacoste emblem to one side of these white sneakers is the finishing touch that makes them perfect. Lacoste ensures its products are eco-friendly by lining them with recycled materials, which they source from various sources.

Is Lacoste Good Quality?

I looked into what kind of cotton Lacoste uses and discovered that it is among the most durable and adaptable. Pima cotton, also known as extra-long-staple cotton, is used to make some Lacoste shirts, which is a definite plus. Lacoste uses the time-honored technique of two-needle knitting to produce their high-quality signature products. T

hey also claim that the long-staple cotton thread they use will keep the polo shirt together for years to come. Again, specifics about the thread’s strength and purpose are left unmentioned. They shift the focus from the materials used to create the polo shirt to the brand itself.

What Type of Budget does Lacoste Suit?

Considering all of its lines and products, Lacoste is somewhat pricey but still relatively affordable. The price point for Lacoste’s ready-to-wear line, which can be purchased on, is squarely in the $$$ to $$$$ luxury bracket. Its sneakers, watches, and fragrances are all top-notch.

A number of its products, such as the unisex patterned ribbed cotton socks and the cotton stretch boxer brief pack available in threes, can be purchased online for very low prices from the company’s official site or other main retailers like Amazon. There is a good selection of low-priced items, such as Synthetic slides and Short Sleeve T-shirts.

However, I find the prices on their site to be a little steep, especially for the Trench Coats (around $375) and Loose Fit Fleece Hoodies ($210). The green crocodile logo is, of course, a major factor in the cost, along with the high quality of the materials and the skill of the craftspeople (to a lesser or greater extent, depending on the specific item and its country of origin) used to make it.

To sum up, I don’t think Lacoste is outrageously priced. There are some more pricey items, but it’s a reasonable brand overall.

Lacoste Sustainability
Lacoste Sustainability

Is Lacoste a Sustainable Brand?

Sustainable brands prioritize and implement sustainability in every facet of their business. They then use brand communication techniques to let potential customers know about these benefits, giving customers more agency over whether or not they choose to interact with or buy from the company in question.

Lacoste uses sustainable practices and methods in its product development. An example is the use of cotton in the brand’s production of shirts. At Lacoste, cotton is the primary raw material and accounts for 85% of the fibers. Lacoste is extremely cautious about the impact of this raw material as part of its commitment to minimizing the largest environmental impacts of its activities.

The cotton is handpicked for the value of its fibers so that this can be accomplished. For the upcoming FW21 collection, Lacoste will only buy cotton from the United States, Australia, Peru, and Turkey because these countries have more sustainable social and environmental practices and allow for full supply chain transparency back to the fields.

So it’s easy to consider Lacoste as a sustainable brand.

Where are Lacoste Products Manufactured?

Lacoste gives only a general answer when asked where their products are made. Even the “Made in France” line of the French fashion house’s hundreds of available products doesn’t specify where they’re made.

The company was founded in France, so it’s safe to assume that most of its products are also manufactured there, though some components may come from other countries like Peru.

Does Lacoste Have Good Customer Service?

Lacoste’s customer service is moderate and reasonable compared to its competitors, with most customers either not satisfied with the business or just satisfied, as seen from customer reviews on Reviewers, glass door, and other online reviewers.


Considering the high standards to which Lacoste adheres and examining some of its best-selling items, it is evident that Lacoste is a luxury brand accessible to a wide range of consumers.

This means that Lacoste products are of high quality but come at a more reasonable price because they are not made with very expensive materials. If you are just starting out in the world of fashion or if you want to invest in clothes and accessories but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them, the French company is a great option.

Talking in the context of luxury brands, Lacoste is on par with other well-known labels like Eddie Bauer, Calvin Klein, and Kenneth Cole; however, Lacoste is known specifically for its sportswear.