Is PowerStop a Good Brand? | PowerStop Brand Review

Is PowerStop a Good Brand

The PowerStop brand has since led as one of the aftermarket’s most responsive, innovative, and ultra-modern automotive brake providers.

Since its first launch in 1995, the brand has continued to enhance its brake upgrade kits to meet the changing demands in the automotive industry.

If you are keen on discovering whether or not PowerStop is a good brand, stick around because that is exactly where this article is heading!

The Powerstop brand has carved its place in the market, rebranding products here and there from other sellers.

With high-quality parts that follow meticulous quality control, PowerStop remains a reliable brand and in the right circumstances, can be considered a good brand. 

Is PowerStop Brand a Quality Brand?

PowerStop ensures the delivery of reliable brake pads. By reliable, I mean to say trustworthy in terms of holding a stop and maintaining a shorter stopping distance. A vehicle’s brake system is arguably one of the most crucial parts of a car, so you want it to be of high quality.

You don’t want to find yourself in the same situation as the three people in the movie ‘Runaway Car’!

Fortunately, PowerStop is one of the few brands delivering reliable brake pads through meticulous quality control.

Another trait that certifies the brand’s reliability is the efficiency of its products when responding to certain circumstances on the road. These circumstances can take the form of mileage abuse, extreme road conditions, and vehicle weight.

PowerStop is one of the few companies that have genuinely evolved the brake aftermarket industry by selling brake pads in the form of brake kits which are 80-90% compatible with various types of cars.

Due to their meticulous quality control, decent prices, and unique brake kits – I would say that PowerStop is a quality brand.

Are PowerStop Brakes Any Good? 

PowerStop brakes bite hard, even for the most skilled of drivers. Thus, they do deliver. Thanks to their stainless steel shims, rust won’t form on them. These brake pads can be used for the most demanding of scenarios.

But how long the brakes can keep up is another thing to discuss.

There are mixed reviews on whether PowerStop brakes are any good. For some reviewers, the brake pads squeak when engaged fully – which is especially the case with Jeep Wranglers and high-performance cars.

But based on personal experience, I can say that the PowerStop brakes are an example of a hyped premium quality case. The brakes are good, and they share similar comforts with the Detroit Axle brakes.

To dig deeper into these contexts, let us find out how the PowerStop brake pads perform against challenging driving factors.

An image of OEM Brakes in a car

PowerStop vs OEM

For the unaware, OEM are the automotive parts that came with your vehicle when it was new. It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So when we compare PowerStop with OEM, we are comparing them to multiple different brands.

If I’m being honest here, Powerstop does make the better brake pads. But your decision isn’t as simple as that. There are a couple of factors that you should consider before you go ahead and make your purchase.

Most of us here like to know where stuff is made and want to buy from somewhere that we feel comfortable with – especially when it comes to your safety, i.e. your brakes.

Powerstop parts are made in America, which makes sense when you consider their very intense quality control. They also offer a lifetime warranty. Most OEM brake pads, if not all, will never come with a lifetime warranty.

If you ever have a problem with your brakes, the components that make up PowerStop are more widely found than OEM – so they are easier to repair and source. With OEM, you may need to pay more for replacement parts over time.

If it were me and I was due an upgrade, I would always choose to go with a certified, trusted aftermarket brake pad supplier – like PowerStop.

However, I want you to make the most informed, well-researched decision possible. Detroit Axle is another excellent brand for brakes that you should consider.

Are PowerStop Rotors Any Good?

Almost all PowerStop rotors come with the G3000 casting package suited for quick installation and fitting. In addition, these rotors are slotted and drilled to deliver dynamic rotor engagement.

Powerstop Rotors are definitely good, and follow the high-quality control that their brakes do. And well, all their parts really.

A lot of mechanics and auto-repair shops have mentioned when I was doing the research for this that they have had a lot of positive feedback from customers when using PowerStop Rotors.

They appear to merge well with a wide variety of brake pads, and they will last about the same, if not more, than any rotor. You can’t go wrong with PowerStop Rotors.

Is PowerStop Brand a Sustainable Brand?

PowerStop brakes perform at their best capacities without negatively affecting the environment. The brand maintains that its pad products are 100% copper-free. Even at that stage, these brake pads still work efficiently.

The sustainability and convenience paved by the brand are the two most notable qualities absent in other brands.

The brand has since been leading in the automotive equipment industry because of these two qualities, outside countless others. So yes, the PowerStop brand is indeed sustainable.

Where Are PowerStop Products Manufactured? 

The leading manufacturers of PowerStop products are the TSG Consumer Partners. The TSG partners acquired PowerStop LLC on the first of June 2015.

Although the TSG Consumer Partners are based in San Francisco, California, the PowerStop products are manufactured in the PowerStop headquarters in Bedford, Illinois.

Does PowerStop Have Good Customer Service? 

Customer service experience in PowerStop dramatically varies. That is because experience is subjective. What is certain is that its customer service is not at all perfect.

Some problems tainting its customer service mostly have to do with delayed responses and errors in delivery. Overall, PowerStop’s customer service is relatively good.


PowerStop, as a brand, has paved the way for technological advancements in automotive brake technology. Other brands model their company structure with that of PowerStop.

They are one of a kind, responsive, and reliable, mainly because they pioneered the brake kit purchasing signature, among many others. I would say yes – PowerStop is a good brand.

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