Is ZLINE A Good Brand? | ZLINE Brand Review

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a family-owned brand in the United States. Founded in 2007, they manufacture appliances that promise an experience of attainable luxury. Basically, this means that their products look and feel high-end, but with an affordable price point.

From gas ranges, ovens, and varied kitchen and bath fixtures, ZLINE produces sleek-looking appliances that make your home look premium. 

But are their products a good investment? It’s definitely younger than more established brands like Frigidaire, and there are other brands that can also be affordable, like Beko.

All in all, I would recommend ZLINE appliances. It is affordable and perfect if you don’t have a lot of special needs for your kitchen. Due to its price, you can expect that there might be issues with the quality, but it’s nothing too big for customer service to fix.

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Is ZLINE A Quality Brand? 

While the products look great, the main criterion for choosing a brand is its performance. Based on customer reviews from BestBuy, the brand has a 4.5 out of 5 satisfaction rate. Most buyers were impressed with how well the products were working despite their lower prices.

Almost all customers who left great reviews shared that what they liked most about their ZLINE ranges and ovens was the good quality of heat distribution. This makes cooking more convenient and pleasant.

However, I did check negative reviews and saw some users complain about receiving defective items. They claim that ovens take a long time to preheat. Others say that the items they received had dents or even rust forming along some parts.

Most recently, ZLINE recalled their ranges in December 2022 after it was found that it leaked carbon monoxide. Fortunately, the company has facilitated the recall process with customers who purchased the affected appliance.

With this in mind, ZLINE’s quality can be good but inconsistent. Doing thorough research on the particular model you want before making your purchase would be best. 

ZLINE vs Wolf

Wolf Kitchen is been another brand in the industry much longer than ZLINE, operating for over 80 years now. They offer similar products and also promise an experience of luxury to their customers. Let’s look at their range series, as these are both brands’ main products.

ZLINE has three major range series: RA (dual fuel ranges), RG (gas ranges), and autograph. Wolf has an almost identical lineup with: dual fuel ranges, gas ranges, and induction ranges. Both brands’ selections come up in varied sizes, from 30 to 60 inches, depending on the type. 


While I find that ZLINE ranges are much easier to clean, owing to their Italian alloy burners and porcelain cooktops, Wolf has much better performance in even heating their convection ovens.

Wolf also has a better reputation in terms of customer support compared to ZLINE, where representatives’ quality of service tends to be inconsistent. 

For those on a budget, ZLINE is definitely the better choice as there’s a huge gap in the price points between the two brands. For comparison, this is how much each product will set you back depending on the type and brand:

Gas Range$2,649$5,475
Dual Fuel Range$2,399$7,850
Induction Range$1,019 (solo)$8,350

At the end of the day, both brands can still give you an experience of luxury. You can just go with the brand that is aligned with your preferences and budget. 

If you are more particular with the performance of your kitchen appliances, or if you use it for beyond ordinary occasions, and if you have the budget to splurge, Wolf Kitchen will be the better brand for you to go for.

If you have simple needs or if you’re just starting out exploring kitchen brands, and especially if you don’t want to spend too much on kitchen appliances, ZLINE is the better brand. Feel free to have a look at the other kitchen brands we have reviewed here.

Do ZLINE Products Last A Long Time?

ZLINE maintains that they make their products with longevity in mind. Some users have claimed that their ZLINE ranges have lasted them a good number of years before needing to be replaced.

However, some users have shared that their ranges and ovens needed to be repaired, returned, or replaced relatively quickly. 

With the cheaper price point of the products compared to brands known to last for literally a lifetime, this is somewhat expected. It’s a good thing that ZLINE honors product warranties, as long as you can register your product.

Warranties for ZLINE products are valid from the date you purchased your item. Make sure you understand the terms by speaking to customer support or confirming with the retailers’ staff if you buy it in-store.

The company promises to assist customers regardless of the warranty’s validity. For products with an expired warranty, you can still contact customer support. However, you will have to shoulder all costs related to services availed. 

Where Are ZLINE Products Manufactured?

On their website, ZLINE is transparent about their products’ whole production and manufacturing process. While all their products are designed in the United States by the founder, Andrew Zuro, and his team, they are assembled in China.

Their parts are also sourced from different countries, such as Italy and Germany. These days, most companies rely on China to assemble their products to help them save due to China’s lower labor cost.

All products are shipped to their customers from the United States. Currently, ZLINE has facilities in Nevada, Ohio, and Tennessee.

What Type Of Budget Does ZLINE Suit?

I think it’s safe to say that ZLINE suits anyone’s budget. Appliances are especially more expensive these days, but the company still works hard to keep prices attainable for their customers. 

Just keep in mind that this might have a drawback in the long-term use of the product. But I personally think that it’s not that big of an inconvenience, especially if you use the appliances for ordinary or daily occasions only.

ZLINE also has different models for similar products, so you can choose the one which can cost you some more, on the premise that it has a better quality.

Is ZLINE A Sustainable Brand?

These days, more and more brands are publicly committing to sustainability. ZLINE is no different. On their website, they have a dedicated page for their sustainability efforts.

ZLINE sustainability

The brand is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, using recycled products, and saving trees through more sustainable packaging. 

They also partner with groups that protect the Tahoe area, which is close to the brand’s headquarters. 

While more studies need to be conducted to determine if the brand is indeed making good on its commitments, having the initiative is good for now to say that they care about preserving the Earth.

Is ZLINE Online Only?

While you can check the brands’ products and specifications on their website, you cannot purchase online. If you want to buy a product, you can go to any of their retail partners.

Currently, ZLINE has several partners such as Wayfair, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Remember that some returns policies may differ based on where you bought your product. 

Does ZLINE Have Good Customer Service?

I think customer service is another good point of the brand. While there are isolated cases of unsatisfied customers, most reviews state that they could speak to polite and pleasant representatives on the phone.

Customers usually call support to ask for a replacement, and they attest that representatives were kind enough to send another unit promptly. I believe this is a good sign that the brand is committed to making customers feel luxurious, down to the support they provide.

What Are The Returns Policy Like?

For orders that you want to return, this is handled by the specific dealer or partner from which you bought it. Each store may have a different returns policy so be sure to check with them when you buy your item. 

A standard return requirement is proof of purchase (such as an official receipt), so keep your copy. To be safe, you can also take a photo of it just in case you lose the physical copy.  


Overall, ZLINE is a good brand, and I would recommend it. Of course, there are areas that they need to improve on, especially on the quality of their ovens and ranges, but these do not spell immediate disaster if you use their products. 

I personally would go for the brand if I’m tight on my budget but still want my kitchen and bathroom to look expensive. Another factor is that should I encounter an issue with their product, their customer service can help me immediately. 

If you are looking for standard kitchen appliances that won’t break the bank, ZLINE is a great place to start.