Is Zotac A Good Brand? | Zotac Brand Review

Despite being a relatively young brand, Zotac has become a widely popular and trusted brand in the market.

They are also a bit cheaper than other competitors, earning them the reputation of being a budget brand.

But are Zotac products reliable and worth your money?

Let’s look at some aspects based on my experience and others who have also shared theirs.

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Zotac produces more affordable GPUs in the market while having almost the same performance as other brands. They do have some issues when it comes to the loudness of their fans and cooling. But they are reliable and can also last you a good amount of time.

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Is Zotac A Quality Brand?

My overall experience with my Zotac GPUs has been mostly good.

Most people also recommend it for its affordable price and longevity.

Some reviews shared that the newer-gen cards tend to compare badly with their older products. Most of it has to do with cooling issues and problems with warranty or support.

However, Zotac is still a good brand, especially if you want something more affordable.

All brands can produce good and bad GPUs, so I think it’s also a matter of careful research of the specific GPU you have in mind.

Before making your purchase, make sure to check reviews of the model that you want to get.

As for me, my Zotac 3070 card gave the same quality as other brands advertised.

I still have it and can run pretty much all game’s max settings at 1440p.

Their most popular series are GeForce RTX 30, GeForce RTX 40, and GeForce RTX 16.

Are Zotac GPUs Worth Getting?

There are some people who might hesitate to buy from a “budget brand” as the common notion is the more expensive a product is, the better its quality will be.

However, I’m glad to say that, for the most part, Zotac GPUs perform just as well as their more expensive counterparts.

The Zotac 3070 card offers the same performance as any other 3070 cards in the market.

Zotac 3070
ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC 8GB
  • NVIDIA Ampere architecture, 2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores, 3rd Gen Tensor Cores
  • Boost Clock 1755 MHz, 8GB 256-bit GDDR6, 14 Gbps, PCIE 4.0; Low Hash Rate (LHR) 25 MH's ETH hash rate (est.)
  • White LED Logo Lighting, IceStorm 2.0 Advanced Cooling, FREEZE Fan Stop, Active Fan Control, Metal Backplate
  • 8K Ready, 4 Display Ready, HDCP 2.3, VR Ready.

There might be some differences, but it tends to be very small.

Even if the card is clocked at a lower speed than the more expensive ones, in most cases, it is never worth the money to pay for the faster cards.

On the other hand, some common observations for Zotac GPUs are that their fans tend to be louder, they heat up faster, and they have poor build quality.

Despite this, the overall performance is very close to bigger and more expensive brands.

If your PC environment is well-ventilated and you don’t really push your GPU to its limits, Zotac GPUs would be a great match for your needs. 

Zotac vs Gigabyte

Both Zotac and Gigabyte are manufactured in Asian countries, so they are often compared when deciding to buy a GPU.

They usually have the same performance quality, so most people would advise getting whichever one is cheaper at the moment.

However, one thing that Gigabyte seems to be better at is they have quieter fans.

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I know some people who hate any noise coming from their PC, but it doesn’t really bother me as I usually wear over-the-ear Sennheiser headphones.

But if you don’t have a lot of needs about those aspects, Zotac is a good choice if they come in cheaper than the Gigabyte GPUs. 

Zotac vs Asus

Asus has been in the market for a longer time than Zotac.

This makes them more recognizable as a brand.

However, there isn’t that much of a difference between the two. 

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Both of their GPUs have almost the same performance.

However, Asus is definitely going to cost you more by up to $100. This might be worth it if you are particular about overclocking and cooling.

As mentioned above, Zotac tends to heat up quicker.

With Asus, their fans are cooler and quieter, and you can also push it to its limits. On a design note, Asus cards also look nicer than Zotac cards.

But if you don’t need those aspects, Zotac is just as good for a much lower price.

Where Are Zotac Products Manufactured?

All Zotac products are manufactured in PC Partner factories in China. Its headquarters is located in Hong Kong, but they do have regional offices in the United States, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. 

What Are The Returns Policy Like?

If you bought your Zotac product from their official online store, you can return it within 30 days from the ship date.

Keep in mind that you will shoulder a 15% restocking fee if the item you returned is not defective.

Once you return a product, you will be refunded for the price that you paid for the item.

However, shipping and handling fees will not be refunded.

You can also return a product that is Dead-on-Arrival.

These have to be returned within 15 days from the ship date. You will not have to pay a 15% restocking fee for these items. 

If you bought your Zotac product from an authorized reseller or retailer, you would have to check with the specific store regarding their returns policy.

What Is The Warranty Like?

If you purchased your Zotac product in the US or Canada, you would have a standard two-year warranty.

To extend it for one more year, you must register your GPU on Zotac’s website within 30 days of your purchase.

The three-year warranty is similar to what other brands like MSI offer their customers.

They do offer a longer-term warranty for other models, such as Zotac GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU.

The warranty can be as long as five years.

The catch is you need to be based in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or India.

What Type of Budget Does Zotac Suit?

Zotac suits any gamer on a budget. Again, the brand has earned a reputation for being a budget brand, so if you are looking for cheaper GPUs that work just as well as other brands, Zotac is perfect. 

GPUs from their GeForce RTX 30 series range anywhere from $300 to a little over $1000.

Their other popular series, the GeForce RTX 40, is more expensive, with prices ranging from $700 to $1500.

Why Are Zotac GPUs Cheaper Than Other Brands?

As Zotac is a younger brand compared to its more established competitors, it doesn’t have strong brand recognition among the public.

Thus, they have to price their products slightly lower to stand a chance.

However, as they have gained some followers in recent years, Zotac has also increased the prices of some of their products. 

You may also find fluctuations in their prices when stock is low.

Is Zotac A Sustainable Brand?

Frankly, it would be difficult for a computer hardware company to be sustainable, especially if it is made in China.

Still, it seems Zotac is aware that sustainability is a responsibility they have to practice in their company.

On their website, Zotac claims that they are working hard to make their products more compact to avoid taking up more space.

Zotac Sustainability
Zotac Sustainability

hey also utilize less energy to reduce their impact on the environment.

They also state that they follow rigorous global standards to reduce energy and water consumption, carbon emissions, and waste disposal. 

As good as those sound, there is no evidence as of now that states that Zotac can make good on these promises.

For now, their sustainability practice seems to remain as goals to achieve.

Does Zotac Have Good Customer Service?

Zotac has a great track record when it comes to customer service.

Many are impressed with how quickly they send out replacements if their products become faulty.

Turnaround time is two weeks on average.

Their customer service staff are also well-mannered and knowledgeable about their products.

They can provide the right support to the issues presented by customers, and they are also very professional.

This is one aspect where Zotac performs so much better than other brands, like Asus.

Their reputation is also helping them get more customers, as many are attracted to the way they can care for their customers.


Overall, I can say that Zotac is a great brand to try if you are looking for your next GPU.

For their affordable prices, the performance is decent and can give you exactly what you need.

Their top-notch customer service also seals the deal for me.

For products like computer hardware, having reliable support is very important in case something goes wrong while I am using the product.

Again, I encourage you to do an in-depth review of the specific product that you want to get from Zotac, but as a brand, Zotac is definitely a great place to buy from.