Is ASOS a Good Brand? | ASOS Brand Review

Is ASOS a Good Brand

Asos is a fashion brand that has both men’s and women’s clothing. They have a wide variety of clothes, and they are always up to date with the latest trends.

But is Asos a good brand? Let’s take a closer look at their policies, sustainability efforts, and quality of clothing to find out.

ASOS offers a huge range of clothing brands, most of which are high quality. They have excellent customer support, useful features such as the personalized size guide, and great delivery and returns policies.

They are a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of their competitors and I recommend them.

Is The Clothing From ASOS Of Decent Quality?

You most definitely get what you paid for in this case. Even though it is neither the costliest nor the cheapest, it is well worth the money you spend.

ASOS has established a reputation for quality and value thanks to the fact that it offers customers exciting and genuine products directly from the brands they sell.

The quality of the clothing available on ASOS varies widely. Prices for individual brands and goods vary depending on their availability and demand. Generally speaking, the majority of the clothing available on ASOS is long-lasting.

When it comes to finding fashionable clothing at an affordable price, the ASOS brand is there to help you save both money and precious time and effort.

They feature some great brands such as Reebok, Puma, Jack and Jones, Calvin Klein, and many more.

What Kind Of Clothing Does ASOS Have For Sale?

Online purchases, particularly when it comes to apparel, can be a little dangerous. By simply glancing at a picture, you cannot determine the exact fabric’s quality, original color, or pattern.

ASOS has proven that it can deliver on its website’s promises to maintain its place in the market.

Customers are drawn to the website because it is a young fashion retail site that offers personalized designs, which is the main attraction.

Their assortment includes dresses for women and a large selection of men’s clothing that is in keeping with the current fashion.

With everything from a casual cloth selection to a sophisticated jacket and coat collection, the website is brimming with appealing attires that you must have!

ASOS provides a variety of categories, including sportswear, fashionable dresses, tops, and bottoms, as well as various goods. ASOS is a cost-effective and long-lasting brand for building a stylish wardrobe.

Is The Apparel From ASOS Accurate In Size?

The size of the check and the number of customer reviews may differ from region to region.

For example, if you are a UK size 6, you may order a US size eight due to the differences in measurements. Make sure you have your exact measurements to compare them to the size chart.

Customers have generally expressed satisfaction with their ASOS purchases in their online reviews. They received exactly what they ordered and were pleased with their purchase. It indicates that the ASOS size chart is accurate and reliable.

Asos also has a size guide on their website where you can enter your age, gender, weight, and height to get an estimated size chart.

I’ve personally used this for hoodies and it is fairly accurate.

What Country Does ASOS Clothing Come From?

ASOS is a global fashion brand that offers a wide selection of dresses. Because they have numerous operational factories in various locations, pinpointing the actual location of the manufacturing facility will not be an easy task.

Because the majority of the factories are located in China, it is safe to claim that the majority of their products are manufactured in China.

Nevertheless, if you notice a tag with “made in” and a country’s name other than China, it does not necessarily suggest that the product is counterfeit. It’s only that the production facility is located in that location.

Is The Customer Service At ASOS Satisfactory? 

What factors are taken into consideration when companies talk about good customer service? Things like on-time delivery, good quality, a budget-friendly item, and so on.

After examining and reviewing all of the customer feedback, we can conclude that ASOS has gained a significant number of consumers by exceeding all of its customers’ expectations.

They provide a diverse variety at reasonable costs, distinguishing them from other more expensive companies in the marketplace. The company also delivers orders on schedule, which is a plus for the company’s overall market standing.

They have 4 stars on Trustpilot out of almost 150,000 ratings. I always find that people only go on Trustpilot to complain, so to see such a positive rating here is always a good sign.

What Is The Turnaround Time For Delivery? 

ASOS is quite good at delivering their orders. They ship their products worldwide through a vast network of delivery partners, which they manage themselves.

Their customers’ packages will be sorted into categories based on their size and weight. They will be sent to a delivery partner that they believe will deliver their purchase as promptly as feasible.

When the order is on its way, the customer will receive an email from their warehouse confirming that it has been shipped. To see the most recent tracking information, click on the tracking link provided in the email.

You can also set up for premier delivery for next-day delivery for the year. This is excellent for people who regularly order from ASOS. You only need to order twice in the year to get your money’s worth.

What Is The Return Policy For This Product? 

ASOS offers free returns with their purchases. With your package, you will find a sticker label for free returns. This will vary from country to country though.

The item must be returned within 28 working days of receiving the order to receive a refund if the item is not up to the standard you expect.

It will take ten working days for your returned order to reach the receiving warehouse, where it will be inspected once more before moving on to the next step.

Following that, the refund amount will be transferred to the customer’s bank account, or you can request it to be deposited as credit for the ASOS website.

ASOS Become Such A Popular Brand

In a matter of years, ASOS has grown into a fashion behemoth. It became well-known as a result of the following factors:

  • Fast fashion jogging brand offers fashionable clothes at low prices within reach of a broad range of consumers. Offering a high-quality product at a low price is their market strategy to gain the trust of their clients and earn their loyalty.
  • It is a high-quality clothing brand that sells items from various worldwide brands through its online store. The quality is excellent, and their fabric is purchased from reputable sources, allowing them to remain competitive in the market for an extended period.
  • Incorporating a brilliant influencer marketing campaign Rather than launching a conventional marketing strategy, ASOS sought to establish a more precise communication method with its customers. They were well aware that influencers were critical in expressing their desired messages effectively.
  • The emphasis on corporate social responsibility is particularly noteworthy. For children interested in technology and fashion, ASOS has established training programs designed to give them opportunities.

How Frequently Does ASOS Hold Sales? 

ASOS sales continue throughout the year, based on holidays, special events, and other factors. They even provide their consumers with discount codes that they may use when shopping for their favorite products on their website.

On the ASOS app, they regularly hold flash sales which might only last a few hours. They’ll also just host random weekend-long sales.

If you want the best deal, keep an eye out on their social media platforms and set up email/app notifications. This way you won’t miss a single sale.

However, your bank account will probably not be happy with that!

What Kind Of Budget Does ASOS Accommodate? 

A variety of brands are available at various pricing points on ASOS. Everything is available within your price range!

From casual apparel to jackets and coats, ASOS has everything you need on their website, with prices ranging from cheap to high and fabrics ranging from poor to high quality.

It is entirely up to the buyer to decide whether to purchase high-quality goods at a high price or purchase a low-cost, high-quality item.

As mentioned above, keep an eye out on their platforms for special sales and discounts.

Is ASOS A Brand That Will Last In The Long Run? 

ASOS has been in business since 2000 and offers a diverse selection of clothing for men and women from a wide range of worldwide brands its customers.

All of their textiles are sourced from environmentally friendly sources, and as a result, they are recognized as a sustainable brand in the marketplace.

They even have a section dedicated to pre-owned apparel, where customers may find high-quality merchandise at significantly lower prices.

Is ASOS Considered To Be A Quick Fashion Retailer? 

ASOS has been labeled as a quick fashion retailer due to the speed at which they can design, produce, and deliver clothing to their consumers. ASOS is unique in that it owns its own factories and warehouses, allowing them more control over its production process.

In general, most people would say that yes – ASOS moves quickly with trends. But there are some people who find that they offer a more classic style, which isn’t always on-trend.

Whether it’s a regular day or a special occasion, ASOS has a variety of trendsetting gowns to choose from. It is one of the most popular fast-fashion websites, with many satisfied consumers.

Is ASOS a sustainable brand?

Like a lot of other brands, ASOS is trying to become more sustainable. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to sustainability, which includes things like info on how to recycle clothes and make responsible purchases.

They want to reach Net Zero carbon emissions across their value chain by 2030, fueled by emission reduction goals, and will be carbon neutral within their operations (offices, fulfillment centers, delivery, and return) by 2025.

Their goals are as follows:

  • By 2030, 100% of ASOS’s own-brand goods will be produced from recycled or more sustainable materials, with methods in place to prioritize high-impact materials.
  • By 2025, the firm will have 100% of its own-brand packaging manufactured from certified sustainable or recycled materials and be easily recyclable.
  • By 2030, expand recycling and reuse programs in key regions to help achieve our goal of eliminating waste. Reduce transportation, production, and scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030.

There are more goals on their website which you can read about here.

Which is better, Boohoo or ASOS? 

ASOS is an online retailer that sells more than eight hundred worldwide brands and has millions of satisfied customers. Boohoo is another online retailer that sells foreign brands, albeit smaller than ASOS.

Boohoo provides very inexpensive merchandise. However, ASOS offers more excellent discounts and promotions.

Boohoo looks to have a more substantial social media presence and outcomes; however, ASOS appears to have more positive customer feedback and consumer loyalty.

Overall, ASOS seems to be the better brand, with more satisfied customers and a better selection of brands. boohoo is good for people who are looking for inexpensive clothing, but ASOS offers many more discounts and promos.

Is ASOS Only Available Online? 

Yes, ASOS is solely an online fashion retailer that sells a variety of brands. Its headquarters are in the United Kingdom, and it ships packages worldwide.

There are no local stores in malls since their product selection would be too large to accommodate in a remote location. Because their primary focus is on providing high-quality products to their clients, they do not require a physical store to achieve so.

They have established a solid presence in the online industry and take great pride in providing excellent customer service.


Many different brands are available at meager costs on ASOS, an online running retailer. Quality is excellent, and the price is reasonable, allowing them to establish a solid position in the market.

They have been in business for numerous years, resulting in a long-lasting company with fashionable outfits.

Not only do they offer a wide range of brands, but their customer service is excellent so any problems you have will be dealt with.

I really recommend ASOS as a brand and can’t fault them in too many areas.

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