Is Helly Hansen A Good Brand? | Helly Hansen Brand Review

 Helly Hansen A Good Brand

Helly Hansen is a premium manufacturer and retailer of sports equipment and outdoor clothing. It is based in The Netherlands and is a subsidiary of the giant retail chain Canadian Tire.

Its current headquarters is located in Oslo. It was moved there in 2009; previously, it was located in Moss, Norway, starting on its establishment in 1877. Right now, it specializes in the manufacturing of industrial workwear, survival and rescue gear, outerwear, and streetwear.

Overall, Helly Hansen is an impeccable outdoor clothing and survival equipment brand. It is an excellent manufacturer of highly durable garments usable in low-temperature and high-altitude conditions.

Most of their items are worn in snowy terrains, stormy regions, and watery conditions. The company also implements superior technologies to imbue its product with foolproof resistance against the elements.  

Is Helly Hansen A Quality Brand?

Needless to say, Helly Hansen is indeed a quality brand. It is a genuinely exceptional maker of outdoor wear, with most of its products having extensive durability. After all, they are designed to tackle harsh environments.

Interestingly, Helly Hansen manufactures fashion-oriented gear, which is not present in its competitors. Hence, its products are not just protective; they are also aesthetically pleasing. You can stand out wearing them.

Helly Hansen also has impeccable in-house technologies to improve the defence of its clothes against the elements. Essentially, you can expect that these clothing items are waterproof, windproof, and insulated.

One of its latest releases, the Lifalot permanent DWR, provides superior waterproofing. It is better than its GTX Pro. Overall, Helly Hansen’s clothing is desirable for outdoor adventures. They are also suitable for workers who dwell in harsh terrains.

They have impressive ergonomics, such as airflow control and ventilation, fit adjustment, configurable hoods, safety clips and reflective strips, and mechanical stretches.

One of the potential drawbacks of Helly Hansen is the price of its commodities. Specifically, they don’t arrive cheap. So far, only a few of its products are placed in the entry-level category.

Most of them have steep price tags. Hence, this brand might be too much for you if you have a limited budget. However, the expense of Helly Hansen is due to the intricacy of its manufacturing and material outsourcing.

All parts of their clothes and gear are made from genuine materials. Their assembly received the utmost attention, as well, to provide extra rigidity on them.

Is Helly Hansen A Luxury Brand?

Helly Hansen offers a myriad of premium clothing and accessories. The price of these products tends to vary actually. Some are relatively more affordable than the rest; others are indeed expensive.

At this point, it isn’t that easy to indicate that this clothing brand belongs to the luxury category. Surely enough, there are costly items under its catalog.

Helly Hansen Sustainability

It’s more premium than the likes of Jack and Jones, and Uniqlo, but it hasn’t yet reached the stature into which it can stand side-by-side with other luxury apparel brands, such as Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci, and Fendi.

But does this mean that Helly Hanse is an entry-level brand? No. Overall, it is still a premium brand that boasts beautifully made apparel for different seasons.

Are Helly Hansen Good Boots?

Certainly, the boots of Helly Hansen are excellent footwear, especially if we are talking about the winter season. They are durable, fully insulated, and resistant to the elements.

At the same time, many people claim that Helly Hansen boots are better than what Timberland offers. This is solid proof that Helly Hansen pays attention to the construction of their footwear.

Furthermore, Helly Hansen is known for high-traction boots. This means that the boots won’t cause you to trip over even on slippery surfaces. Also, they are great in ushering in thermal efficiency, which keeps your feet warm under low-temperature conditions.

Are Helly Hansen Jackets Worth It?

Similar to Helly Hansen Boots, the jackets of the said brand are also feature the same quality. We can take several of their jackets as an example.

The Crew Midlayer Jacket of the brand, which cost roughly $200 apiece, features a marine-grade construction. It is made from a breathable, waterproof fabric that can keep your body warm. It has an ergonomic and stylish cut, as well, ensuring that it can give you comfort without losing your appeal.

Meanwhile, the Garibaldi Jacket, one of their more expensive jackets, is designed for high-altitude applications. It is commonly used in snow-based adventures and applications because of its exceptional temperature regulation technology. Moreover, it has proprietary designs that improve its ventilation and comfort.

Where Are Helly Hansen Products Manufactured?

Helly Hansen originated in the Netherlands. Hence, its products are naturally manufactured there. However, we have to emphasize that the materials used in their processing are mostly outsourced.

In 2020, roughly 44 per cent of the materials used in the Helly Hansen collection came from China. The rest came from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Hungary, France, Italy, Sweden, and Turkey. These are the Tier 1 suppliers of the company.

Meanwhile, some of its insulation, trimming fabrics, and interlinings came from Tier 2 suppliers of Helly Hansen. Notably, the company has a direct relationship with these suppliers and facilities.

By the way, the supply chain of Helly Hansen undergoes strict chemical compliance, such as its restricted substance list (RSL), which is under the Bluesign contract. This is to ensure that the materials are safe and don’t pose health hazards.

Does Helly Hansen Have Good Customer Service?

Helly Hansen has extensive customer service, making it one of the most accommodating companies when it comes to outdoor and sporting apparel.

It has a dedicated customer care team that takes care of your inquiries and other requests. They also cater to exchange and returns, as well.

You can get in touch with them via Helly Hansen’s website. Navigating its services is quite convenient, too. For instance, you can visit its Contact Us page if you have shopping inquiries.

For returns, you should proceed to its Returns page. You should check its Warranty and Product Feedback page for claims and warranties.

Overall, the majority of Helly Hansen customers are satisfied with the way the company is handling their shopping experience. As a result, it is a venerable stature to its clients. At the same time, we like that the brand is very responsive.

Helly Hansen

Is Helly Hansen A Sustainable Brand?

Yes. Helly Hansen prides itself as a sustainable brand. The company indicates that it is a maker of professional gear that can survive harsh environments. At the same time, it also asserts its duty to protect the nature that we are living in.

Throughout its century-long stint in the clothing business, Helly Hansen always prioritizes the promotion and protection of ethical values, human rights, and the environment.

It advocates the proper utilization of our resources, as well as the responsible use of various outdoor provisions.

One of its ways of promoting sustainability is by making durable products. The technologies and materials used in their apparel are rugged and can last a lifetime. This means that they yield little to no waste. You don’t have to worry about their environmental impacts.

Furthermore, it implements fair practices in its manufacturing procedures, ensuring that no human lives are compromised in the process. It provides proper wages and conducive living conditions to its workers.

What Is The Returns Policy Like?

One of the customer service provisions of Helly Hansen is its return policy. Similar to other companies, Helly Hansen implements reasonable terms for this particular matter.

Specifically, Helly Hansen offers a 90-day return policy for customers who aren’t satisfied with their purchases. However, the following conditions should be met:

  • The returned product must have never been used. Otherwise, it will be refunded.
  • It should maintain its “delivered” condition.
  • The product must have all the tags that were attached to it.
  • Face masks are not eligible to be returned for safety and sanitary reasons.

The return process should take place in Helly Hansen’s Globa-E portal. Once there, you should provide your email address and order number so that you can process the return.

You will receive a subsidized shipping label that enables you to return the purchased product to the company’s primary factory in the Netherlands. After that, you should be able to get your refund.

How Often Does Helly Hansen Have Sales?

Interestingly, Helly Hansen offers regular sales to their customers. From time to time, you can see some of its products being discounted significantly. Of course, it is something that buyers should take advantage of, given that Helly Hansen isn’t a cheap brand.

Most of the sales of this company take place during special holidays. It also conducts mark-down sales during Black Friday. In some instances, it offers flash sales to select products.

By the way, industry professionals such as sailors, skiers, and patrollers are encouraged to join the Helly Hansen Professional Purchase Program.

Under its membership, eligible individuals can get discounted prices on their purchases. However, it has a rigid application procedure, which you can access via its website.

What Type Of Budget Does Helly Hansen Suit?

Helly Hansen is not an entry-level brand based on the prices of its products. It is not surprising, though, given that their apparel and footwear are designed to tackle outdoor expeditions. They are made to survive harsh terrains and unfavourable weather conditions.

Since there are high expectations for the quality of their products, Helly Hansen is required to employ rigorous manufacturing procedures.

Moreover, they outsource authentic materials and embed them with technologies that would further amplify their durability, thermal efficiency, and comfort.

Because of these factors, Helly Hansen has to set their prices high to cover the processing expenses. But certainly, the value that you can get from this company is worth every penny.

Is Helly Hansen Online Only?

No. Helly Hansen has physical stores under its name all over the world. However, they are only found in select locations only, such as Canada, the United States, and Australia.

But don’t fret, though. The thing is, Helly Hansen has several authorized retailers all over the world. Hence, you can guarantee that you can purchase its products in your current location. Its website also offers a store finder that lets you know the nearest resellers of its apparel.

However, if you deem that going to their stores is difficult, then you simply have to order online. That’s the most convenient way of acquiring the brand’s products.


Overall, Helly Hansen is a high-quality apparel brand. It has an outstanding reputation in the clothing industry due to its well-tailored boots, jackets, sleeves, and gear.

One could say that the manufacturing of these items underwent strict quality control to ensure their rigidity and performance and the field. Of course, they are also stylish and worth flaunting around.

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