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Is Lenovo a Good Brand?

Lenovo is a multinational technology firm headquartered in China. The company has more than 71,500 employees worldwide and serves clients globally.

Lenovo is quite a controversial company that has people divided regarding their opinions. Some people praise the great perceived value of Lenovo products (given its low prices coupled with its relatively high quality), while others criticize the brand.

Being a Chinese company, recent geopolitical developments have also hit Lenovo’s reputation, similar to other brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

But what are the facts? Is Lenovo a good brand, or is it something you should try to avoid? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Lenovo products like?

Lenovo products are generally perceived as being of good quality. In addition, most customers praise the high durability and sturdiness of Lenovo products.

The mistake of some critics is that they only look at the price of Lenovo products and instantly perceive the products as being of cheap quality. But this is not the case.

While Lenovo might not be on par with brands like Apple regarding product quality, they provide excellent value for money.

By purchasing a Lenovo product, you, as a customer, ensure receiving a product of outstanding quality that will work for many years.

What are Lenovo laptops like?

Customers generally report that Lenovo laptops are well-made and reliable. In addition, Lenovo laptops are known for their extensive battery life. So if you are a student or professional looking for a computer that will last the whole day, Lenovo is the brand!

LENOVO IdeaPad 3i Laptop

LENOVO IdeaPad 3i Laptop

One controversial aspect of the Lenovo laptops is the build. Some people appreciate the laptops for being of good build quality and like the bulky feel. Others hate the design and claim they have a plastic-y feeling and are too clunky.

In recent years, Lenovo has created more sleek laptop designs. This change is widely seen as a move to align with industry competitors such as Apple. An example of such a design is the Lenovo IdeaPad 5i 14.

Lenovo offers a wide variety of price points and hardware configurations. Thus, it can be hard to generalize whether Lenovo laptops are good or bad. But being a reliable laptop producer, we can do nothing but recommend their excellent laptops!

What are Lenovo tablets like?

Similar to their laptops, Lenovo tablets are well-received by customers. Offering tablets at way below market average prices, with excellent hardware, cameras, and screens, Lenovo tablets are a perfect choice for all customers. Especially frugal customers.

Lenovo’s tablets come in various sizes, colors, and prices. They are durable and light and ensure great portability.

Most models run Android OS, the standard for most non-Apple tablets, while some models have built-in Windows 10. These resemble laptops and could be viewed as tablet-laptop hybrids.

The price points of the tablets vary widely. For example, the lowest-priced tablet retails at around $100, while the most expensive retails at about $800 (e.g., the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13).

The models’ battery life varies, with the cheaper models usually struggling to keep up. The more expensive models, however, provide excellent battery life. Some, such as the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, will run you up to 20 hours, even when streaming and playing games.

Are Lenovo products durable?

Lenovo products provide outstanding durability. Lenovo is known for making reliable and durable laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The company performs more than 100 durability tests on each product before it ships to consumers.

You can always be confident Lenovo products will last you many years after purchase. If anything should happen to your product, you can ensure a new product with the guarantee provided with the product.

Several customers have reported the great experiences they have had with Lenovo devices. Even after dropping their laptops or smartphones several times, even from very high distances, they keep in touch. Customers should not underestimate this element of Lenovo products.

What is the warranty like with Lenovo products?

According to industry standards, Lenovo provides products with a one-year limited warranty. However, the specifics can vary depending on the individual product.

Lenovo always provides their laptops with at least 1-year limited warranty. In addition, some retail stores might give an extended warranty.

Smartphones and laptops will usually run with a shorter warranty. The warranty can be anywhere from 90 days to six months. Be sure to read all terms when purchasing. Most contracts will not cover accidental damage.

You can always contact Lenovo support if any problem arises with your Lenovo product. Customers can find information regarding the support processes and contact information on the official Lenovo website.

Lenovo Factory

Where are Lenovo products manufactured?

Lenovo manufactures products globally. The company maintains production plants in more than 30 countries around the world.

Lenovo has manufacturing facilities in China, Brazil, India, Japan, and other countries. In addition, the company has announced plans to expand its manufacturing footprint in Poland and Mexico.

There are good reasons for Lenovo to maintain manufacturing in these countries. Firstly, the wages are usually lower than in North America and Europe.

Secondly, many parts of the products are sourced in these same countries. An example of this is semiconductors for laptops and smartphones. These are usually sourced in countries such as Taiwan and China, making production more sensible in this area compared to, e.g., America.

Finally, there is also the logistical perspective. It makes more sense to produce products near where Lenovo will sell them. Therefore, Lenovo maintains production plants globally.

For a complete list of factories, please visit this link:

Does Lenovo have good customer service?

Sadly, Lenovo is known for its relatively poor customer service. The poor level of customer service has been reported widely online. Both official Lenovo social media pages and Lenovo subreddits are full of personal statements about poor customer service.

Lenovo’s support is known to be stubborn. As a result, it can often be quite hard to reach through for help. Many people even must resort to third-party hardware stores to have their products fixed.

One of the main problems of Lenovo’s customer service process is the long waiting times experienced by customers. For example, many customers complain about month-long waiting times for a simple repair conducted by Lenovo service support.

What type of budget does Lenovo suit?

Lenovo products are known for their fantastic value. They offer great products at very intriguing prices.

Even though the products are affordable, Lenovo fills them with great features and high-performing hardware that can compete with top brands such as Apple and HP.

If you are on the lookout for a budget laptop or smartphone, Lenovo is the right brand. Their products are typically cheaper without compromising quality, making them a perfect choice for frugal customers.

Plus, Lenovo offers a variety of customization options, so you can find the perfect laptop to fit your needs and budget.

How often does Lenovo have sales?

Lenovo frequently runs sales on its official website. Their sales include both seasonal and regular promotions.

Typically, they run a new sale every week. We recommend subscribing to their email newsletter to stay updated on their sales. Customers can do this at the bottom of the page on their website.

In addition to the official website, many retailers frequently run promotions on Lenovo products. These retailers include Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Moreover, deal sites such as RetailMeNot and SlickDeals provide a list of the latest Lenovo sales and promotional codes that you can activate for the best prices!

Is Lenovo a sustainable brand?

Absolutely. Lenovo is widely recognized for its efforts regarding corporate sustainability. In addition, they have been recognized for their environmental efforts and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their supply chain.

One such aspect is through packaging and logistics. For example, Lenovo has reduced the weight of their laptops by more than 50%. Furthermore, they have started using recycled materials in their packaging.

Lenovo has initiated work to reduce energy and carbon emissions in its supply chain. The company has a stated goal of becoming a zero-net carbon emissions company. In particular, they have set aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals for 2030.

According to Corporate Knights, Lenovo has been recognized as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable businesses for the third year in a row.

You can read more about Lenovo as a sustainable brand here.

Which is better HP or Lenovo?

The question of Lenovo vs. HP has a lot of nuances. The comparison also highly depends on the product that one compares. Both companies enjoy a high reputation in the industry. However, differences exist between the two.

Hewlett-Packard is a veteran in the industry, pioneering the computing world. However, Lenovo has only recently emerged and is the top Chinese computer producer.

Hewlett-Packard enjoys a better reputation than Lenovo. This is also coupled with relatively better customer service, as reported online.

However, in recent years Lenovo has made moves to catch up to industry giants, such as Hewlett-Packard. One example was the 2005 takeover of the IBM PC business (gaining the top corporate computing brand, ThinkPad).


In the end, the question you are looking to get answered is:

Should I buy a Lenovo product?

If you are looking for a great value-for-money device that will last you for many years to come and ensure your outstanding performance. Then Lenovo is the brand. Furthermore, Lenovo is a highly sustainable brand making significant strides to reduce its carbon impact.

However, one of the significant downsides of the brand is the lousy customer service. However, this should not steer you from buying one of the great devices of Lenovo!

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