Is London Fog A Good Brand | London Fog Brand Review

Ever hear of London Fog? It’s a pretty cool brand known for its stylish yet practical clothes and long-lasting luggage.

Even though London Fog isn’t a luxury brand, their stuff looks pretty classy and valuable. But, like any other brand, they’ve got their good points and not-so-good points.

Keep reading. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to decide if London Fog is the right fit for you. Let’s get started!

London Fog is not really considered a luxury brand, but the clothing, purses, and luggage they sell convey sophistication and value. Their distinctive designs may easily be taken for luxury. However, before making a purchase, it’s still better to weigh both the pros and cons of London Fog.

Is London Fog A Quality Brand?

If you haven’t run across this brand yet, then it’s time you discover London Fog, a company that has been in existence for 100 years and originated in Baltimore, Maryland.

Their classic yet timeless designs are so popular because they can last a long time without being out of fashion.

The fabric is comfortable to wear yet built to withstand the harsh elements outside.

When they decided to expand their offerings to other items, such as luggage, they carried on by combining their flair for the classics with the features that they knew were essential to their customer base.

The result is a formidable player in the industry that can hold its own even with the largest and most well-known brands.

Their quality is great, and it shows in the generations of customers who are loyal to their brand.

Is London Fog A Good Brand For Luggage

London Fog offers different designs and features for the collections, with each one consisting of 3 suitcases, ranging from 15 inches to 44 inches.

They have one that’s made of woven houndstooth material, which is fused with EVA foam.

This makes for lightweight yet durable suitcases.

They’ve also modified the measurements to fit the airlines’ specifications for carry-on luggage.

One of their best features is the double spinner wheels, which are great for maneuvering through crowded airports and limited airplane space.

The suitcases have double dividers so you can expand them when needed and with zippered pockets for your odds and ends.

They’re also fully lined with signature London Fog liners, plus you’ll have a toiletry bag to go with it.

If there is one thing that you need to watch out for, especially for the Cambridge II collection, it’s the way the luggage easily gets dirty due to its light colors.

You will probably need to purchase a suitcase cover to ensure that your London Fog luggage will remain chic and clean. Although, a filthy suitcase may be an easy way to distinguish your case from others at the baggage reclaim area!

If you’re looking for hard shells, they have the Kingsbury collection, made of lightweight polycarbonate.

These have almost the same features as the other collections except that there are no pockets, inside or outside. Thus, it can be a little challenging to organize your things when packing.

So while there are a few gripes with their cases, there are more pros than cons.


Is London Fog A Good Brand For Purses?

Just like their high-end handbag brand counterparts such as Prada, Gucci, Hermes, and Louis Vitton, London Fog also aims for quality and durability that’s coupled with class.

One of the advantages is the price, which is not as expensive as the other brands, but you still get the feel of sporting a purse that goes beautifully with your attire.

They have tote bags that are classic and gorgeous.

You can use it as an office bag to put your gadgets, organizer, makeup, and much more.

With several interior pockets, you will not run out of space.

If you love designer-style purses that you can carry around anywhere, they have one that is not too big and can also be worn crossbody using the strap that comes with it.

Their 20-inch satchel bag is a great choice if you have a lot of things to carry around but still want to exude elegance.

Women love choices in purses but will almost always opt for one that is sturdy, chic, and durable.

Bonus points if it doesn’t break the bank.

These combinations cannot be found in all brands, but London Fog surely provides them.

If you are after even more choices, check out our Nine West brand review here who offers a wide array of designer purses.

To confirm, London Fog is indeed a good brand for purses.


Is London Fog A Sustainable Brand?

Currently, not enough information is available to determine whether London Fog utilizes sustainability measures in its factories.

Nothing much either on how they plan to reduce their impact on the environment, the people, and the animals, so we cannot say that they are a sustainable brand.

London Fog should strive to be more sustainable like Anne Klein. Not only does it help the planet, but it looks good for the company too (you can find out if Anne Klein is a good brand here).

It’s not just me who struggled to find information on London Fog’s sustainability and ethical efforts, good on you couldn’t find any information on them either and rated them 1/5.

I have tried to contact London Fog about this, but I actually couldn’t get through to them. More on that in the next section.


Does London Fog Have Good Customer Service?

Based on their return policy, they seem to have good customer service since they aim to make their customers happy.

They state that if you’re unhappy with the purchase, you can return it as long as it is undamaged.

They also have a contact us option on their website, which you can fill out with the information so they can respond to you.

Or you can use their social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

There’s not much customer interaction on their FB page, but they have updated posts.

They have an email on their website, but it doesn’t work. I also went to their contact page, but there is no for. When you email them, you get this message:

London fog customer service email

Im not sure why this is, but it’s not a good look for London Fog. Customer service should be #1 priority and it doesn’t seem like they want people to contact them.


London Fog Vs Samsonite – Luggage Comparison

When you’re shopping for luggage, it is natural to look around and size up the different brands.

After all, with so many choices on the market, why settle for one that is not up to par regarding quality?

One of the brands that people easily recognize is Samsonite due to its affordability, accessibility, and a vast selection of designs.

But it is better than London Fog luggage? Which one should you opt for?

Here are the details if you’re considering London Fog versus Samsonite luggage.

London Fog boasts of quality, style, and durability, while Samsonite is proud of its innovative designs.

When it comes to features, Samsonite has ones that are made of Micro-Diamond Polycarbonate materials, which makes it scratch resistant.

They also offer TSA locks, which help to prevent any attempts at theft, mesh dividers to keep the items inside organized, multi-directional spinner wheels for easy maneuvering, and expansion for added space.

London Fog offers 8-recessed spinner wheels with Control Track Self Aligning Technology.

This makes the wheels auto-adjust to a straight line for easy maneuvering.

They have fog guards to repel water and stains, plus skid guards and corner guards to help protect the fabric.

Some of London Fog’s collections have built-in laptop sleeves and garment bags.

They have an extension zipper that provides an extra 2 inches of space, which is valuable when you’re trying to cram as much as you can inside your luggage.

Samsonite’s pricing is deemed affordable by most shoppers, while you have to shell out a bit more for London Fog.

They offer both lightweight and hard cases as well as a warranty.

However, that does not help you when the luggage breaks down while you’re in the middle of your trip, so that is probably a secondary consideration.

Shopping for luggage is dependent on a lot of factors, such as your budget, the space you need for your things, the design and color, and the durability, among other things.

It’s easy to get swayed by affordable prices, but you have to keep in mind that these things have to withstand conditions where they can be thrown, rained on, smashed, and a lot more, so quality has to be your topmost consideration.

For that factor, London Fog is way ahead of Samsonite.

Our Verdict: Is London Fog A Good Band?

Overall, London Fog is a highly rated brand for its sophisticated yet practical outerwear selections, quality luggage, and purses, and good customer service.

However, there is not enough information available to determine whether they are a sustainable brand. Not only that, but I can’t seem to get in contact with them either.

So while they are genuinely good quality, just hope you don’t need to use their customer service.

Our Overall Rating