Is Tissot A Good Brand? | Tissot Brand Review

Tissot is one of the most recognizable watchmakers in the world. Founded in 1853, the brand started out as a collaboration between father and son tandem, Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Émile Tissot. 

Over the years, the brand has gone through different mergers and name changes. At present, they are owned by the Swatch group. Tissot’s mission is “gold value at silver price,” which suggests that their watches are more affordable than other brands in the watch market. 

Their slogan, “Innovators by Tradition” also suggests their mission produce watches that offer something unique compared to other brands.

Tissot is definitely a reliable brand to turn to if you want a timepiece. They produce durable wristwear with great technology and parts, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg just to get one.

The brand also is a proud innovator, coming up with features that other brands don’t employ. Thus, Tissot is a brand I can proudly recommend to anyone.

Tissot Logo
Tissot Logo

Is Tissot A Quality Brand?

Tissot strikes a good balance between high-end and affordable. Most watch enthusiasts actually recommend this brand as a good entry point for first-time watch owners. Their models have decent movements without an outrageous price tag.

The brand’s most well-known collections are the Le Locle and T-Touch. Over the years, Tissot has also been more credible as they have been official timekeepers in many events around the world, most notably in sports.

While I find that Tissot models look nice, they aren’t anything that stand out too much. This can be good for those who want a more subdued and sophisticated look. But you can also find more interesting and unique designs in their competitors.

In terms of performance, Tissot watches have great mechanical movements for a much more reasonable price. Customers also enjoy using their digital watches, as they perform very well in diving or sport.

My Pick
Tissot Gentleman Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Classy Swiss starter watch with blue dial and stainless steel. It's perfect for everyday use and formal occasions. It's a great value for the price and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a starter watch.

True to their slogan, Tissot has innovated a lot of technologies in-house, such as producing the first tactile watch. Some of their watches also employ solar-powered movements. All their products use titanium-based and silicon parts, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

All in all, I think that Tissot watches offer great quality with an accessible price range. 

Is Tissot A Luxury Brand?

Tissot is marketed as a mid-range brand, so it does not have the luxury level in fashion like Yves Saint Laurent. For watches, they are not in the same category as Rolex or Patek Philippe. Watch enthusiasts consider them as lower-level premium watches.

This doesn’t decrease the brand or their watches’ value in any way, as Tissot is still a coveted brand to own, especially for those who are building an interest in watches.

Because of its elegant look and good reputation, Tissot is still considered one of the best watches to buy.

Another thing that adds to Tissot’s perceived luxury is how they are marketed. I always see ads for the brand packaged as a sought-after watch. They have also partnered with organizations like Formula One and NBA, further enhancing their image of luxury and reliability.

Even without the luxury label, people still buy Tissot for their proven track record of producing high-quality watches, proving that it will be a sought-after brand as long as you are dedicated to quality.

Is Tissot A Good Investment?

Yes, Tissot is a good investment. It is built with excellent materials and looks classic. Thus, it can be used for a long time. You can really get your money’s worth since you can wear it daily for years, or pass it on to somebody else.

On the resale market, I find a lot of sellers and buyers of Tissot’s as well. Many people also sell counterfeits or fakes of their most famous models, especially the PCR200, so if you’re planning to go through the resale route, always double-check if you’re getting a legitimate model.

Are Tissot Automatic Watches Good? 

Yes, Tissot automatic watches are some of the best quality watches in the market today. All their watches are equipped with Swiss ETA calibers, which ensure top-level movements. In all five categories of watches (touch, classic, sport, heritage, and gold), Tissot doesn’t disappoint.

Tissot actually produced the first multifunction tactile watch, and T-Touch is a testament to their quality. These watches are scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. They are also cased in antimagnetic stainless steel or titanium, ensuring durability. 

In my opinion, their classic watches are one of the best-looking ones in their catalog. They are best worn for classy occasions. The Le Locle collection is the most popular in this category, and it employs Powermatic 80 watch movements.

Mens Tissot PRS 516 Powermatic 80

Tissot PRS 516 series takes time to reflect on its 1960s motorsport-inspired origins. Wearers of the Tissot PRS models are equipped with timepieces integrating the innovations in Swiss watchmaking to complement nostalgic design elements from the racetrack. This automatic model allows the movement to be seen in action through the distinctive case back shaped like the steering wheel of a pioneering sports car.

Tissot’s sports watches are suitable for physical and outdoor activities. Needless to say, these are very durable, even for the most demanding types of sports.

The brand’s heritage and gold watches can be pricier compared to the other collections, owing to the sentimental value and materials used. Their gold watches can use up to 18k gold platings. These pieces are good if you want to add unique pieces to your collection.

Where Are Tissot Watches Manufactured?

Since the brand is a proud Swiss watchmaker, most of the stages in its manufacturing happen in Switzerland. Watches are assembled and inspected in the country.

However, to keep the price on the relatively lower side in the watch market, it’s not a surprise that the brand also employs China’s production. Some of their parts may be sourced from other countries with a cheaper selling cost. 

There is no definitive information about where the production and manufacturing of Tissot watches are done, aside from the fact that most of it are in Switzerland.

As for me, I don’t find it much of an issue, as Tissot still provides good-quality watches.

What I find interesting is that the brand’s headquarters are in the same place where the founding father and son started out, which is in Le Locle, Switzerland. I think that’s a nice touch to show the brand’s heritage.

What Type Of Budget Does Tissot Suit?

As we mentioned before, Tissot is priced much lower compared to other luxury watches. This means it’s a good brand if you want to own a high-quality watch on a budget. 

Their classic watches can start from $200, and automatic watches at $400. The better you want the specifications to be, then the higher the price. Powermatic 80 pieces do not go lower than $500.

The brand’s signature features, such as solar power and tactile, are above $1000. The gold watches are the most expensive, going between $1300 and $1500.

Tissot Mens Tradition 5.5

A touch of retro and some vintage details, all served up in a curved 1950s-style case, combined to create the Tissot Tradition. The new models have a very thin case that is less than 5.5mm composed of 2 hands and roman indexes.

What I love most about it is that you can definitely start out with the more common wristwear to see if you like the brand. Then, you can slowly go up the ladder after experiencing the brand’s quality for yourself. That way, you won’t regret the money that you spend on this brand.

How Can Tissot Watches Be Purchased?

Unlike other luxurious watches that sell on an invitation basis, Tissot watches are readily available for purchase both offline and online in places such as Amazon. 

As an established brand, Tissot has outlets and retailers in hundreds of locations. You are bound to find one in high-end malls or areas. 

They also have an official online store, as well as partner online shops like Nordstrom and Tourneau. If you are interested in the resale market, there are many resellers online, too. Just be careful to identify fakes since the brand does not vet these resellers.

Does Tissot Have Good Customer Service?

Most customers have a great experience with Tissot’s customer service. Staying true to providing gold value to their customers, the brand also extends this even after your purchase.

Tissot has several service centers where you can send your watches should you need any repairs or maintenance done. They also have a service hotline for you to call for any minor issues or questions regarding your product.

I did find one thing that customers didn’t like when sending their watches for repairs: the costly price.

While it can be expected for repairs to be expensive, customers probably aren’t keen on shelling out almost the same amount of money for a new watch.

Nevertheless, Tissot does try to respond promptly to customers’ concerns. Their repair staff is also known to be very approachable and responsive.


With all these details, I would personally recommend Tissot watches.

Whether you are a new watch collector or not, you will find that Tissot produces excellent quality watches at reasonable and affordable prices.

Almost everybody agrees that not many brands offer the same reliable and unique features as Tissot. Their technology is simply one of the best in the market, and they innovate themselves, too.

While it is not a luxury brand in the technical sense, it still offers luxurious watches, both in looks and in function. If you are looking to own your first or a new timepiece, Tissot is definitely one of the brands you can rely on.