Is Tommy Hilfiger A Good Brand? ( Review)

Is Tommy Hilfiger A Good Brand

Tommy Hilfiger is an American Premium brand that sells clothes, footwear, perfumes, accessories, and home décor. It is one of the leading designer brands in the world and is recognized for its cool American style with preppy twists.

The brand was founded in 1985 by Thomas Jacob Hilfiger and has come out with numerous collections for men, women, and kids. In this article, we will find out if Tommy Hilfiger is a good brand or not.

Tommy Hilfiger is a popular American brand that focuses on fast fashion and the latest fashion trends. The brand makes high-quality products for men, women, and children.

Its products are praised by people all over the world for their originality and quality. The brand has made it a goal to move towards sustainable production for all its products by 2030 and make its products accessible to everyone.

If you are thinking of purchasing from Tommy Hilfiger, you will not regret it. 

Is Tommy Hilfiger a quality brand?

Tommy Hilfiger manufactures high-quality clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, and accessories for everyone. All its products are top-notch, and the brand does not compromise on quality.

It offers a range of collections, and customers with different tastes can easily find products according to their style.

Many people who claim to have had a bad experience with Tommy Hilfiger products due to quality issues might have had a terrible experience with the brand’s knock-offs. However, one should not blame the brand if they come across a bad replica and fall for it.

It’s important to do your due diligence when shopping for a brand such as Tommy Hilfiger. If the price seems too good to be true, it may be a knockoff. It’s also important to only buy from trusted sellers.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a designer brand?

Tommy Hilfiger claims that the brand is one of the world’s top designer brands. The brand is known for designing in-style clothing and having something for people with different tastes.

Tommy Hilfiger is often seen collaborating with other designer brands to come up with collections that are trendy and in line with the most recent fashion needs. Every collection Tommy Hilfiger comes out with quickly gets out of stock.

The brand also collaborates with many well-known celebrities like Gigi Hadid to come out with new collections. These collections are promoted by the respective celebrity on their social media platforms, and the items are often worn in public as a statement.

Is Tommy Hilfiger still popular?

Tommy Hilfiger products are a cult favorite. When PVH Corp acquired the brand in 2010, it became a global apparel brand with more than sixteen thousand associates across the world.

With so much global attention and recognition, the brand quickly built a huge network in more than a hundred countries and had way more than two thousand stores all over different parts of America. In 2020, the brand had roof-breaking retail sales that were worth more than $6.9 billion.  

So its quite evident that Tommy Hilfiger is still popular. Tommy Hilfiger’s popularity is one of the reasons the brand was able to have stores worldwide and make record-breaking sales.

There are many reasons for its popularity, but one of the main reasons is the brand’s originality for all its products.

The youth is the brand’s target audience and creates products that have strong associations with all things loved by them. Some of the things the youth love today that Tommy Hilfiger creates associated products with include sports, music, and youth culture. 

Another reason why millions love the brand is that it is very active in charity work and giving back to the community. People feel a sense of pride while wearing anything from the label and love to be associated with it. 

The brand has made sure to be inclusive of all races, genders, and ages. Its inclusivity is another reason it is loved so much by the public and praised by long-time customers.

What type of budget does Tommy Hilfiger suit?

Some customers consider Tommy Hilfiger products expensive, while others think they are quite affordable. Due to the brand being premium, the price of each product can be slightly higher than brands like Jack and Jones and H&M.

When customers purchase from Tommy Hilfiger, they are not paying for the brand’s label but for the quality of its products which can’t be said for the likes of Calvin Klein. However, it is way more affordable than brands like Tom Ford, DKNY, and Dior. 

Obviously, a brand endorsed by many celebrities will not be as affordable as you would think it would be. As mentioned earlier, Gigi Hadid is one of the biggest brand ambassadors for Tommy Hilfiger.

Every collection that comes out with her gets sold out pretty quickly despite higher prices than their usual pieces.  The brand has started to recognize that it needs to change some of its ways and become more climate and eco-friendly.

For this reason, the brand will definitely charge more for manufacturing the same products using sustainable materials.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a sustainable brand?

Tommy Hilfiger has been trying to adopt eco-friendly methods to manufacture its products for some time now. One of the many initiatives the brand has taken is to make jeans using only recycled cotton for sustainability.

The brand also worked hard to launch adaptable wear for people with physical disabilities across Europe and Asia.  Over the years, the brand has tried to shift its focus to less wastage by rebuilding itself to be a brand that ‘Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All.’

Tommy Hilfiger believes that in a world with so much injustice, prejudice, global warming, and resource scarcity, the brand can play a huge role in changing everyone’s perspectives by collaborating with others and bringing them on board with the idea of sustainable fashion.

The brand recognizes that it needs to create a future for fashion where nothing is wasted and the boundaries of our planet are respected and acknowledged.

It aims to reduce its carbon footprint and limit its water usage. The brand wants to create a loop where all the materials it uses are sustainable.

Tommy Hilfiger plans on creating this loop by using regenerated or recycled materials, so their products will be designed for circularity.

For products that are no longer needed or used, the brand plans to give them a new life or recycle them to reuse the materials used. Another great aim for the brand is to let customers use its products or wear its clothes through means other than buying them new.

2030 is the goal Tommy Hilfiger has set for the brand to become fully sustainable and have all its products become part of a sustainable loop. It has already done this for many of its collections, including the TommyXLewis vegan sneaker collection.

The upper part of the sneakers is made from 24% recycled apple fibers to cut down the use of leather. In 2015, the brand’s cotton was sourced 13% from sustainable sources.

This percentage increased to 72% by 2019, where most of the cotton the brand used was sourced from sustainable sources. 

Where are Tommy Hilfiger products manufactured?

Most of the products from Tommy Hilfiger are manufactured in China and Vietnam. Some of the other countries where Tommy Hilfiger products can sometimes be manufactured include Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Italy, Indonesia, Portugal, and Italy.

Most of the jeans manufactured with the brand’s label come from Asian countries. Although Tommy Hilfiger is claimed to be known as an American brand, none of the products are actually manufactured in America. 

When Donald Trump suggested all brands should manufacture their products in America instead of outsourcing them, the brand’s founder replied by stating that he would love to manufacture them in America as long as he could find the right factories for them.

However, manufacturing in America would mean the brand will experience higher wages for labor and lesser skillsets and eventually go under loss because it will have to raise its prices.

Countries like Vietnam have cheaper wages, good quality materials, factories, and more affordable electricity. However, regardless of where the Tommy Hilfiger products are manufactured, the brand never compromises on quality. So, as long as the brand has its standards established, you do not need to worry about the quality of the products when purchasing from Tommy Hilfiger. 

Does Tommy Hilfiger have good customer service?

Tommy Hilfiger offers different forms of customer service to all its customers. Customers can reach out to a representative through their online chat service, which is available Monday through Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM. They also provide customers with contact numbers for online and store inquiries.

The last way you can reach out to a Tommy Hilfiger representative is to send them an email. They claim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.

However, many customers have pointed out that they never hear back from their emails or return-related inquiries. Many customers claim that they never receive a confirmation email for their orders even after the amount is deducted from their cards.


To sum it up, Tommy Hilfiger is the pioneer of American fashion and is overall a great brand. The brand believes in equality, playing an important role in eliminating injustice and prejudice and adapting efficient and eco-friendly ways to manufacture its products. The brand is known for its exceptional quality and is loved by millions of customers worldwide.

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