Is ViewSonic A Good Brand? | ViewSonic Brand Review

Is ViewSonic A Good Brand

ViewSonic Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of visual solutions. Specifically, it specializes in the production of visual hardware, which includes but is not limited to the following: interactive whiteboards, projectors, and liquid-crystal displays.

Furthermore, this company has an international market. Currently, its headquarters is in the United States, specifically in Brea, California.

Meanwhile, it also has a research and development facility based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. One of its interesting aspects is that it has a minority-owned business given by the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council.

ViewSonic is not just an ordinary brand of visual products and amenities. It is one of the leading manufacturers of visual hardware in the market today. In fact, it received an award from the PCMAg as the Best Monitor Brand for 2020.

PCMag is a reputable aggregate site for anything that is related to computers, gaming, and electronics. Hence, recognizing ViewSonic and its products speaks to the quality of this company. 

Is ViewSonic A Quality Brand?

The history of ViewSonic is one proof that it is a good brand to rely on for anyone who wants to get high-quality monitors for the office, work, or gaming setups. This company has been in the industry for 35 years already.

Its original name is the Keypoint Technology Corporation, which was founded by James Chu. It was in 1990 that it released the ViewSonic series of colored monitors for computers. Because of the popularity of ViewSonic, the company decided to adopt the name of the monitor brand.

When it comes to computer monitors, it is not difficult to say that ViewSonic is one of the best brands right now. Many of its users claimed that its monitors perform flawlessly. They don’t even yield a single dead pixel, which is downright impressive.

Of course, there are new brands that are emerging today that compete with ViewSonic in the field of visual hardware for computers.

Names like Acer, Alienware, Asus, and Dell are among the few that have been racking up sales over the years because of the technology and features they incorporated in their monitors.

Despite their existence, ViewSonic doesn’t lag behind at all. From the resolution of ViewSonic monitors down to their response time, you’ll never get disappointed.

Perhaps, the reason why ViewSonic isn’t as revered as it used to be is that leading tech and computer companies these days have extended their product lines. ViewSonic concentrates on visual solutions alone. Hence, its popularity is quite limited as compared to its competitors.

In 2019, ViewSonic had an estimated revenue of $600 million. Therefore, one could say that it is among the top-selling brands for monitors and high-quality displays.

How Often Does ViewSonic Have Sales?

One should keep in mind that ViewSonic doesn’t always conduct sales. It is not similar to other tech companies that have offered discounts and markdowns regularly.

ViewSonic usually launches its sales on special occasions. This could be on Christmas, Independence Day, or Black Friday. Those are the periods when you need to take advantage of the discounted rates of monitors and other visual peripherals.

However, ViewSonic isn’t an expensive brand, as compared to its counterparts. Hence, even without sales, anyone should be able to afford its products.

What Type Of Budget Does ViewSonic Suit?

In the grand scheme of things, ViewSonic remains an affordable route for individuals who want high-quality monitors but without the need to spend too much. This is one of the areas where ViewSonic is ahead of its competitors. It has entry-level pricing, which could suit anyone’s budget.

ViewSonic high-quality monitors

Of course, the specifications and construction of ViewSonic monitors aren’t really the same as its top-calibre counterparts. Had it been the case, then many would certainly dive into this brand.

But of course, that statement doesn’t indicate that ViewSonic’s products are shabby. Again, we have to emphasize that its visual hardware is still impeccable and worth using.

Is ViewSonic A Sustainable Brand?

One important facet that ViewSonic promotes is its green objectives. Specifically, this brand wants to establish itself as a green company, and it is quite serious about that goal.

It emphasizes that part of its endeavours is to ensure that it can reduce environmental damages caused by its operation. Hence, it banks itself in the reduction of wasteful packaging.

At the same time, it guarantees that all the monitors and components they produce are free of toxic compounds and harmful chemicals.

Also, it is essential to highlight that it invested in the development of several technologies that would reduce the energy consumption of its products.

Compared to other computer monitors, projects, and visual peripherals, ViewSonic’s products aren’t that taxing when it comes to electrical usage. It boasts an energy efficiency that could help mitigate the cost of its operation.

As a green company, ViewSonic also strives to provide ethical means of managing resources and earning profits. It ensures that there are no abuses in its supply chain.

According to the company, these healthy business practices promote the trust and patronage of its customers.

Which Is Better – ViewSonic Or Asus?

This one is a close contest. In the gaming market, only a few monitor brands stand out. Two of them are ViewSonic and Asus. Hence, it is not surprising that both of them are often compared to one another.

It is difficult to declare a winner in this contest, given that there are ViewSonic monitors that are way better than Asus. The same thing is true vice-versa.

If you want durability, performance, and features, Asus monitors should give your money the value that it deserves. However, it is pretty interesting to indicate that ViewSonic has these aspects.

Many reviews suggested that ViewSonic monitors have consistency in their displays. They are vibrant and don’t produce dead pixels.

Furthermore, the price of ViewSonic monitors is slightly lower than Asus. Therefore, if you are going to compare monitors from these two brands with similar specifications, ViewSonic can give you a better deal.

Does ViewSonic Make Good Monitors

As we mentioned,  ViewSonic is a venerable brand of visual hardware. One could even say that the brand is one of the pioneers when it comes to modern monitors and computer displays. Therefore, it has the necessary technologies and expertise to create and monitor its products well.

With that said, a lot of ViewSonic monitors have been praised by users for creating vibrant images. Furthermore, the dominant colors of the monitors usually match well with the laptop or desktop monitors.

We should emphasize, as well, that the monitors of ViewSonic can easily rival those of Asus and other top brands of gaming peripherals in terms of features and durability. In fact, some models have features that are exclusive to ViewSonic.

Is ViewSonic A Good Brand For Gaming Monitors?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. ViewSonic actually has many great gaming monitors with good specs and insane refresh rates, which is truly impressive.

An example of ViewSonic’s great gaming monitor is the ViewSonic XG270Q. This one is part of the Elite, which is a part of its Elite Series. It has around 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms G2G of response time.

It also has a VESA Certified Display HDR, enabling extremely vibrant colors without flaws and inaccuracies. With its NVIDIA G-Sync, it also supports various types of games seamlessly, including competitive fighting games like Apex Legends and Overwatch.

There are other gaming monitors that you can find in the collection of ViewSonic. All we can say is that you should get the opportunity to check them out.

Where Are ViewSonic Products Manufactured?

We have mentioned earlier that ViewSonic is based in the United States. However, none of its products are actually manufactured there.

This company replicated the practices of other businesses in the aspect of mass manufacturing of goods. It has established several factories and outlets in countries like China, Taiwan, and Mexico.

The reason for this is quite simple. The labor costs in those countries are significantly cheaper than in the United States and Europe. Companies have to outsource their assembly and production to save money and drive their profits.

But you have nothing to worry about this matter. In the case of ViewSonic, it has strict supervision in the production of its monitors. Quality control is implemented to eliminate flaws and defects.

Does ViewSonic Have Good Customer Service?

One of the good things about ViewSonic is its customer service. So far, we haven’t read or encountered negative reviews regarding how this company treats its clients. We deem that it takes care of its customer base properly to ensure their continuous patronage.

As proof of its great commitment to product quality, ViewSonic has set up several channels for providing customer services. One of them is its website.

You can browse its product catalog and order the items you need online. The other option involves contacting their hotline and speaking to a customer service representative. These individuals will assist you in choosing the best products for your specific needs.

Furthermore, ViewSonic also has a number of service centers around various countries. These shops offer warranties and repairs for defective monitors, as well as replacement parts.

It is a great deal considering that it lets you have a fuss-free means of getting the things you need without the hassle of going elsewhere.

What Is The Returns Policy Like?

The returns policy of ViewSonic is pretty straightforward. It has certain stipulations that people have to meet before they can be able to return their purchased products and get a refund.

  • One of the things that ViewSonic always emphasizes is that its customers are the ones who should shoulder the shipping and other related costs of returns. The only exception here is if the product has defects.
  • All the brand-new products listed on the online store of ViewSonic have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Meanwhile, refurbished items have a 15-day money-back guarantee.
  • New products can be returned within 30 days from the date the customer received them. For those who have bought refurbished goods, the items should be returned within 15 days from the date they received the package.
  • If the product arrived at your doorsteps in a dilapidated condition because of shipping, don’t accept it. Instead, you have to contact the customer service of ViewSonic via the telephone number provided on its website. The damaged product should be reported within two business days to be eligible for a refund or replacement.
  • All credit and refund requests should have a Return Material Authorization number that accompanies them. You can get this number via ViewSonic’s customer support.


Overall, ViewSonic is an excellent brand of  PC monitors, computer displays, projectors, and other visual solutions. Even if it is not as popular as brands like Asus or HP, Acer still has its own brand of prestige. In fact, dedicated gamers and computer geeks know the worth of ViewSonic products. For us, this company lives up to the consideration of the quality and affordability of its items.

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