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Is Shein A Quality Brand

Shein is an online fashion retailer. It was founded and based in China in 2008 by Chris Xu. Its primary headquarters is located in the province of Nanjing, China.

One of the notable aspects of this company is the affordability of its provisions. Its apparel is priced cheaper than its counterparts. Initially, Shein focused on dropshipping, but later on, it shifted to retailing.

Overall, Shein is a decent e-commerce brand that has an international operation. Specifically, its market extends to up to 190 countries. For the price and value, you may resort to the apparel and fashion products it offers.

But at the same time, it is not a secret that the brand has been involved in different controversies. Among them are human rights violations, safety concerns, and trademark disputes.

These issues have affected the reputation of the company, especially within the retail industry. 

Is Shein A Quality Brand?

Based on Shein’s provisions, we can say that it is an “alright” brand. The clothing that it sells fits the trend, so that’s a factor that we took into account. Accessories on the site are also pretty decent and moderately priced, so they are a great choice for frugal shoppers.

These amenities are dupes for the more expensive and authentic fashion brands. The aesthetics, style, and design of Shein clothing aren’t that shabby, but keen fashion experts can definitely spot that they aren’t the branded ones.

Of course, this is not something that should surprise people. After all, Shein is not a retailer of designer brands. By the way, we have to emphasize that Shein is fast fashion.

This means that its quality isn’t as impeccable, even if compared to entry-level brands. Fortunately, Shein doesn’t sell counterfeits. It only has inexpensive provisions due to the lack of brand, marketing pitches, and quality control.

Overall, many users suggest that Shein is an excellent source of affordable fashion items. It is a perfect place to check if you want overseas clothing and accessories without the need to spend excessive cash.

The company also offers hundreds of options to try, so you’ll find something that can match the current fashion trends and preferences.

Just don’t expect fast shipping and responsive customer service. These are among the aspects where Shein is lagging. Furthermore, you have to be careful about the sizing of its products. Some users reported that they weren’t that accurate.

How Often Does Shein Have Sales?

Since it is a fast-fashion brand, Shein conducts regular sales and discount sprees. You can get many deals from them, which is a good thing for those bulk buyers.

We also observed that Shein isn’t hesitant when it comes to the discounts that it gives on its products. But it is not entirely surprising, given the fact that Shein doesn’t sell branded and designer brands.

The original costs of its products are already inexpensive. After all, they are mass-manufactured, and their quality isn’t something remarkable.

But then again, if you simply want to catch on the trend without paying a lot, Shein is a good place to get your goods. Affordability is its biggest selling point, so it is not surprising that it conducts regular sales.

What Type Of Budget Does Shein Suit?

The prices of items sold by Shein are entry-level. It is probably the cheapest fast fashion brand you can find in the market, and it has its uniqueness in its designs and prices.

As we mentioned, Shein is only involved in outsourcing products from numerous clothing factories in China.

And we all know that China is known for cost-effective manufacturing. Hence, the prices of their products are bound to go back down when demand spikes among all its customers.

Some of Shein’s items can be compared to big named brands such as Uniqlo and Asos, but without the big price tag.

Is Shein A Sustainable Brand?

Technically, we can’t say that Shein is a sustainable brand, given that it has an ambiguous reputation. For disclosure, Shein has sustainability commitments, such as reduced waste in its entire business operation, promotion of healthy business practices, and assurance of ethical working standards.

Is Shein A Sustainable Brand

These commitments are good on the surface, but there have been numerous cases that have disproved them already.

We have revealed some of the issues that stain the reputation of Shein. These issues also affect the integrity of its sustainable practices. Unless there are improvements in their business operations and policies, we remain doubtful about their ethical practices.

Also, we have to indicate that Shein isn’t that transparent when it comes to its overall business policies. Proof of this is that several of its claims have been disputed already by international organizations.

Where Are Shein Products Manufactured?

All Shein products are manufactured in China. Even the materials used on their amenities came from the said country. Because of this, it is safe to assume that its clothes, accessories, and apparel aren’t on par with designer brands, especially in terms of quality and durability.

But then again, Shein is not forming itself to compete with venerable fashion giants. As mentioned, it is a fast-fashion company. Hence, it aims to deliver cheap items as mass-manufactured clothing options.

Does Shein Have Good Customer Service?

Shein receives a mixture of reviews from its customers. Some love it for its range of affordable fashion items; others complain about its quality.

We have referred to third-party aggregate sites to identify the overall rapport of Shein towards its clients. For instance, Trustpilot suggests that numerous clients of Shein are satisfied with the products they buy from the company. They said that the clothes and accessories are all affordable.

On the flip side, other customers said that they would no longer buy products from Shein due to the delayed shipping, unresponsive customer representatives, and bad products. Hence, you should be cautious whenever purchasing products from this company.

What’s The Returns Policy Like?

Shein has its policy when it comes to returning products.

  • The company only accepts returns within 15 days of receipt. The items that should be returned must be in good condition, with all the tags and packaging intact.
  • The shipping fee is free for the first return. For succeeding returns, appropriate fees are required. Those who opt for the “Self Sending” option are responsible for the entire shipping costs for the items they want to return.
  • The entire procedure for returning a product can be processed on Shein’s website. Hence, it is required for customers to create an account first before they can execute the return process.

Why Is Shein So Cheap?

The reason why Shein products are cheap is probably because of its corporate protocols. Specifically, the company implied that it ensures safe working environments and reasonable working standards for its workers and supply chains.

According to its policy, Shein wanted to minimize illnesses and injuries among its workers. Going forward, Shein indicates that its employees and workers are receiving above-average salaries and benefits, which include investment plans and annual bonuses.

Here, we can already see why Shein products are cheap. Specifically, the company isn’t involved in manufacturing. Therefore, they don’t have to deal with expensive operational costs.

Instead, it just outsources the products it sells. The clothing line in its catalogue is made by other brands, not by Shein.

Furthermore, the products in Shein aren’t really that top-notch, especially in the lens of the clothing and fashion industry. Hence, there’s no reason for Shein to increase their prices on the roofs.

Is Shein Ethical?

Shein is a China-based company. Hence, it is not surprising that all of its clothes and provisions came from there. Based on the information listed on its website.

The items you buy in Shein are loaded into cargo planes to be delivered in the fastest time possible. This procedure tends to generate an excessive carbon footprint.

However, this is not the only issue that challenges the ethical standards of Shein. It also faced numerous legal complaints, especially regarding the nature of its business and operation.

In 2018, Levi Strauss & Co. sued Shein for copying a jean stitching. This was then eventually settled outside of court.

In 2021, AirWair International Limited, which is popular for its Dr. Mater boots made accusations against Shein and Romwe (Shein’s sister company) for selling counterfeit designs and naming them “Martins.” These shoes are sold at a lower price, which is to attract customers.

Ralph Lauren also filed a lawsuit against the parent company of Shein due to trademark infringement. According to the complaint, it is said that Zoetop Business Co. (parent company of Shein) that Shein is selling products that have similar trademarks and designs to various Ralph Lauren products.

It is not only big companies that filed cases and allegations against Shein. Even independent artists and fashion retailers also targeted Shein for similar issues.

The company is also facing controversies when it comes to human rights violations. Shein previously claimed that it received ISO certifications.

This was eventually disputed and was seen as a major breach in the 2015 Modern Slavery Act of the United Kingdom. Reuters said that Shein also faces the same violation in Australia.

Independent reports suggest that some workers of Shein are engaged in 75-hour-per-week labor conditions.

Is It Safe To Buy In Shein?

Technically, there should be no problems if you want to purchase items in Shein. However, based on the issues we mentioned above, patronizing the company might put other interests in jeopardy.

It is advisable to refrain from purchasing anything from Shein until you have verified its credibility.

For those who have ordered already in Shein, many claim that the shipping period is pretty decent. Some arrived on time, while others experienced delays.

Meanwhile, we also read some complaints that the sizing and design of Shein clothes didn’t match their expectations or what is displayed on their sales page.

Where Does Shein Ship From?

As mentioned, Shein is a company based in China. However, this doesn’t mean that it exclusively ships its products in China. As of writing, the company has numerous warehouses all over the world.

These warehouses ensure that they can deliver ordered items as the soonest time possible.

How Fast Is The Shipping?

The shipping time for Shein varies from one country to another. You can refer to the table below for the estimated schedule:

Point of Destination Estimated Shipping Time
Australia 12 to 14 days
Canada 13 to 15 days
Denmark 12 to 14 days
France 11 to 27 days
Germany 11 to 27 days
Hong Kong 6 to 8 days
Malaysia 9 to 12 days
United Kingdom 12 to 27 days
United States 6 to 12 days


Overall, Shein has a seemingly ambiguous reputation in the clothing industry. Since it is a fast-fashion brand, most of its products are valued at entry-level costs.

This made the company appealing to thrifty buyers. But at the same time, it also garnered serious controversies and issues. With these things in mind, it is safe to say that Shein’s integrity isn’t that solid.

You have to think twice before purchasing any products from this company.

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