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Is TCL a Good Brand

TCL is a fast-rising consumer electronics company and a global television market leader. It was started in 1981 and now operates in over 160 countries. In terms of sales volume, TCL ranked second in the global TV market in 2019 –

But is TCL a good brand? In this article, we will find out whether or not you should spend your hard-earned money on TCL.

This Chinese electronics business is the world’s second-largest TV maker by overall market share.

TCL caters to a wide audience, with anything from simple models to massive TV sets packed with plenty of modern features, not only those buying on a small budget. If you are on a budget, you can’t go wrong with a TCL TV.

Is TCL A Quality Brand?

The company has earned a global reputation for supplying high-quality items at the lowest possible price. However, many consumers are often puzzled as to whether they should buy its items or not.

TCL is unquestionably a reputable brand, given its features and the cutting-edge technology it implements. Furthermore, the affordability, dependability, and performance of TCL products make them excellent choices to consider.

The firm has global distribution divisions that provide high-quality televisions to clients all around the world. Without a doubt, TCL’s latest smart TV models are among the best in the business.

In terms of performance and smart features, TCL now competes with some of the industry’s leading brands. Aside from that, TCL provides a wide range of features that make the brand a huge success in the industry.

Is TCL A Good Brand For TVs?

Most major TV makers, including LG and Samsung, have begun to regard TCL as a strong competitor. The firm is continually adjusting to new technology without making significant pricing changes.

Is TCL A Good Brand For TVs

TCL Class S4 4K LED Smart TV

This is greatly assisting in their development as a market-competitive brand. TCL has established itself as one of the industry’s top providers of smart TVs, hosting a variety of features – Outpacing the likes of Vizio and Viewsonic who are other TV brands worth mentioning.

Some of the benefits of their unique TV models include 4K resolution, voice control capabilities, and a large library of applications. TCL TVs’ innovative designs and smart features enable them to compete with industry titans.

TCL has made unique design adjustments to the TV’s body, making it significantly thinner, in addition to the smart functions.

There are also minor adjustments to the legs of the TV to conceal the HDMI wires, making their TVs more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

TCL places a high priority on maintaining its TV performance. They are designed to provide high-quality performance and vivid color. TCL TVs include Dolby Vision and active HDR technologies.

This function ensures that you will enjoy watching your preferred entertainment on the screen. It is also worth mentioning that the majority of TCL TV models include an image processing engine.

This ensures an excellent image with a high level of detail in the picture quality. Because of this engine’s ability to increase contrast and saturation levels, you’ll never have to worry about the quality or clarity of images shown on the screen.

Is TCL Reliable?

TCL TVs are unquestionably reliable. The majority of the brand’s televisions are built using high-quality glass materials. The exterior of the TV is built of glass and aluminum composite materials.

The TCL TV’s dependability extends beyond its appearance. It also has a strong internal system capable of withstanding exterior damage and any imminent dangers.

For example, the television’s internal components are protected from physical shocks and electrical surges by an aluminum housing.

This simply implies that you may watch your favorite movie or play video games on your new TCL TV without fear of it getting damaged at any time.

TCL TVs are dependable for everyday use, but they aren’t ideal for intense gaming or image-quality perfection. For the most part, these TVs are excellent for casual TV viewers.

They are mid-range TVs that will last 5-7 years if utilized for 8-10 hours a day. Under rigorous usage and settings, TCL TVs may last up to seven years.

However, you may expect it to survive much longer with the appropriate settings and care. Under good conditions and care, it may even exceed ten years.

How Is TCL So Cheap?

TCL is one of the greatest in the business since it has a lot to offer at a low price. Because of the Chinese brand’s mass production, they can sell their items at very inexpensive costs.

As a result, they are the preferred option for clients seeking good value for money. The majority of the price ranges include smart TVs with high-quality features.

TCL offers both quality and budget-friendly TV models to its clients. A decent quality smart TV may be purchased for under $500 or $1,000, which is ideal for most consumers seeking a large-screen TV with smart options. TCL provides a large selection of low-cost but high-quality products.

What Type Of Budget Does TCL Suit?

TCL is famous for manufacturing some of the cheapest TVs in the industry. Customers can easily purchase a good quality television from TCL for under $1000.

These televisions are well equipped with great features like other TVs from high-end brands. Thus, for such an affordable price point, there is a TV screen for every household on a budget.

TCL is also recognized for having the most affordable air conditioner selection on the market. Their air conditioners are among the most affordable on the market, and customers like to buy from the brand since it is less expensive than other well-known brands.

Is TCL A Sustainable Brand?

TCL’s Sustainability Program works every day to safeguard the environment and give back to the communities it serves.

Sustainability is a major pillar of the brand’s identity, and it is constantly looking for methods to decrease customer waste, lower its carbon footprint, and save vital resources.

TCL is committed to doing its share to create a more sustainable future. In 2020, TCL committed to recycling more than 30 million pounds of electronics, with the goal of increasing that figure each year.

TCL is also honored to have received the Environmental Protection Agency’s first Special Sustainability Leadership Award for developing creative recycling solutions for Americans during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Where Are TCL Products Manufactured?

TCL’s headquarters are in Shenzen, southern China, where it was founded in 1981. They have developed from a modest local manufacturer to a major, fast-expanding international organization with operations in over 160 countries and areas throughout the world.

TCL is one of just three companies in the world that is vertically integrated, giving complete control over the whole manufacturing process to offer reliable and high-quality products.

TCL Electronic Holdings Ltd manufactures TCL TVs. This is a Chinese state-owned technology corporation that manufactures televisions, cell phones, and home appliances.

While the great majority of its televisions are manufactured in China, TCL also has production plants in other countries across the world. These countries include Pakistan, India, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, and Egypt.

Does TCL Have Good Customer Service?

Customers seem to have mixed experiences with TCL’s customer service. Most customers praise the brand’s representatives for being highly responsive, providing help timely, and guiding them every step of the way.

The customers claim that TCL’s amazing customer service helped resolve their issues and went as far as replacing their damaged TV with a new one. Others say TCL has one of the worst customer services they have experienced.

Most people only give their opinions on something when it goes wrong, so it’s hard to say whether or not the complaints online are skewed.

TCL’s excellent customer services were also recognized, and the brand was given a prestigious award in the Customer Service Team of the Year and Black-Office Customer Service Professional of the Year categories at the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

The best part about the award is that the brand was chosen among 2,300 nominations from various organizations.

TCL revamped its Customer Service leadership in 2015 following a thorough examination of its product support operations, with the goal of being the top three TV brand in the United States by 2020.

TCL has been able to offer a service experience that regularly surpasses customer expectations by establishing clear objectives for the team and empowering its team members.

TCL has witnessed tremendous increases in its customers’ satisfaction, loyalty, and first-contact resolution in just one year.

While there are a lot of complaints, they seem to have stepped up their customer service in recent years and are considered to have good customer service.

Conclusion: So, is TCL a good brand?

TCL is a great budget brand to consider when buying electronic products for your house. If you are under a strict budget, you will find a good quality TCL product that best suits your needs and exceeds your expectations in terms of quality, performance, and durability.

Although TCL products are extremely affordable, the brand does not compromise on quality and uses innovative technology that offers modern features in all its products.

When it comes to TCL televisions, all models have excellent sound and visual integration. The speakers are of high quality, and the displays are far more bright than other low-cost choices. You can’t go wrong with a TCL set if sound and pictures are essential to you.

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