Is TRQ a Good Brand? | TRQ Brand Review

Is TRQ a Good Brand

TRQ is a notable service provider of auto repairs and upgrades. It also delves into producing high-quality, widely compatible aftermarket parts and components for various vehicles.

Operating in the United States, it has been regarded as one of the premier auto parts retailers in the country.

Based on its customer reviews, TRQ offers beyond-satisfactory automotive solutions. At the same time, the company has invested itself in optimizing its e-commerce platform to ensure seamless and quick transactions.

Overall, TRQ is considered to be a good brand when it comes to automotive parts and services. It has been in the industry for many years already, which is proof of its performance and service delivery.

Its aftermarket parts are also great. Most of its previous customers indicated that TRQ is providing custom-fit amenities, so that’s worth noting. 

Is TRQ A Good Brand For Brakes?

Technically speaking, the quality of TRQ brakes is fairly impressive. We simply based this verdict on the recurring feedback of people who have bought aftermarket brakes from TRQ. As mentioned by TRQ customers, these brakes can fit like a glove.

TRQ brakes are known for their hassle-free installation. They have been designed to ensure that people can install them on their own.

TRQ Rear Brake Drum & Shoe Pair Set

RQ Rear Brake Drum Shoe & Hardware Kit

As long as you have minimal technical know-how about installing brakes, you’ll find these TRQ brakes extremely convenient to integrate into your vehicle.

A lot of car owners who bought TRQ brakes mentioned that they did the installation in their own garage. This DIY quality makes the brand pretty much outstanding.

The performance of these brakes is quite reliable, as well. Based on the majority of user feedback, TRQ brakes are pretty much foolproof. However, we also have to indicate the fact that some people mentioned that the brakes generate audible noises.

Is TRQ A Good Brand For Suspension?

Another thing that TRQ specializes in is the production of suspension. Similar to its brakes, TRQ guarantees that its aftermarket suspensions are impressively durable and ergonomic. 

Among the general features of TRQ suspension is the control it offers. They enhance the ease of handling of vehicles, which is pretty much admirable.

It is not stated whether or not these suspension systems are better than the factory suspensions installed in the vehicles. It will probably vary depending on the model.

The fit of TRQ suspensions is decent. The factory and assembly procedures of TRQ are precise when it comes to this aspect.

Once you order the correct suspension, these systems will fit nicely into your vehicle. Of course, the finesse of these amenities is also apparent in their installation. The final fitting requires minimal to little assembly.

Material-wise, TRQ suspension is made of high quality. Despite being affordable, their suspension system showcases impeccable durability. They can withstand constant use and abuse. And that’s another trait that this brand has to offer.

Is TRQ A Good Brand For Struts?

Similar to its suspension and brakes, TRQ also flaunts the quality of its struts. These struts are highly recommended by aftermarket users due to their functionality. In short, they deliver the performance that their users expect.

Of course, there are other aftermarket counterparts for these struts. After all, TRQ isn’t the only manufacturer of automotive parts in the United States.

However, TRQ struts are known for their cost efficiencyThe reliability of its struts is matched by reasonable pricing that favours many car owners.

Furthermore, the fitting of these struts is quite great. They were manufactured with sufficient precision to fit the entire architecture of the vehicle they are intended for.

They have great compatibility, as well. No friction between the struts and the original parts has been reported.

What Type Of Budget Does TRQ Suit? 

The rapport of TRQ is already established in the aftermarket of cars and auto repairs. Hence, many have an assumption that a part or installation from this company would cost them a lot of money. However, that’s not really the case.

TRQ isn’t an overrated or overhyped brand. It knows the correct pricing for its products and services, including the shipping and handling fees.

When it was established, TRQ adhered to the industry’s standards of competitive pricing. Until now, it has maintained this marketing principle as the core of its operation.

Of course, the affordability of TRQ doesn’t mean that it is a cheap brand. It’s not a second-rate automotive company that sells “too good to be true” items.

As mentioned, it maintains its rapport as a competitive automotive parts supplier. But the thing is, it doesn’t put expensive price tags on its provisions and services. You simply pay what you buy and avail from this company. Detroit Axle is known for being a more budget-friendly brand.

Moreover, you can be assured that TRQ and its team are not involved in committing fraudulent acts such as inserting hidden charges on their quotations. It’s one of the reasons why TRQ has a venerable rapport in the industry. 

Where Are TRQ Products Manufactured? 

TRQ has committed itself to proving the best, direct-fit aftermarket automotive parts. These components are manufactured in controlled environments, where technicians and engineers are working in unison to ensure flawless outputs.

 TRQ has state-of-the-art production lines. It is also using authentic and ethically sourced materials to guarantee the longevity of its auto parts. 

TRQ Fulfillment Center

Battery testing is also involved in testing the performance and reliability of its products. Once these items are released on the market, consumers can ensure that they have the correct fitting and structural integrity.

They aren’t flimsy or counterfeited. They are all original and have proprietary designs and features. All TRQ products are manufactured in the United States.

Even the materials used on its parts and accessories are derived in the said country, as well. These facts solidify its rapport as a source of high-quality auto products.

Does TRQ Have Good Customer Service?

The customer service of TRQ is fairly decent, at the very least. Based on our research, the majority of its customers are satisfied with their transactions with TRQ.

According to them, this company has courteous staff and representatives. They were able to acquire their needed service without any fuss.

Furthermore, they reported that TRQ provides the necessary assistance to its clients. They also answer inquiries and provide prompt solutions for different concerns (i.e., returns and warranties).

With this in mind, TRQ is definitely accommodating to its client base. It’s one of the reasons why it was able to expand and establish its rapport in aftermarket automotive sales.

Is TRQ A Sustainable Brand? 

Sustainability is a good thing for companies and businesses today. It allows them to operate seamlessly and ensure that they comply with numerous environmental and ethical standards in the corporate world.

At the same time, it also lets people know that you are not just there to make profits. It shows your concern for the world around you. These days, sustainable development is a significant concern.

After all, the world is facing different challenges that require sustainable solutions and mitigating approaches. Of course, we can’t say that TRQ is among those brands that are heavily involved in sustainability efforts.

Despite being a reputable manufacturer, it is still small compared to large automotive parts manufacturers. With that being said, it is evident that TRQ doesn’t feel a sense of liability in integrating and applying sustainable practices.

This is very clear because it doesn’t showcase any social responsibility or environmental efforts. But does this mean that TRQ is a bad company? We don’t think so.

The non-compliance of TRQ to these sustainable efforts doesn’t indicate that they have no care or caution for its community, supply lines, and client base.

We did a little research and discovered that TRQ’s management is pretty holistic when it comes to the benefits and salary of its workforce.

It doesn’t have any harmful or unfair labor practices. All of its employees are well taken care of, which indicates that this business is ethical.

However, it would be nice for TRQ to introduce some sort of sustainability effort. Whether that be in the transport of goods, or in manufacturing.


We have to reiterate that TRQ is a proficient aftermarket auto parts manufacturer. Its products, such as brakes and suspension systems, are tailored to fit different car models.

As long as you can find the correct unit, you will not encounter any difficulties in fitting the aftermarket part on your vehicle. These items are also built to be durable, so their price is pretty much justifiable.

Overall, TRQ is a brand that isn’t difficult to trust. It has decades of experience in the industry, backed by innovation and customer-oriented business operations.

Its responsive adaptation to e-commerce and online business platforms enabled TRQ to connect to more people. That’s a key advantage that this automotive parts manufacturer has over its competitors.

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